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30/60/90 Day Plan

No description

Brigham Van Auken

on 17 October 2014

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Transcript of 30/60/90 Day Plan

Operating Priorities
Get to know team
Build trust/buy-in
1:1's with everyone in 1st week
Set expectations
Discuss priorities
Always focus on the "why?"
Begin to identify individual leaders
Begin to identify individuals needing help
Build stronger relationships with peer supervisors locally
Build stronger relationships with peer supervisors globally
30 Days - Buy-in
Understand how individual leaders can be leveraged
Know what and who to delegate
Understand where & how I can add value to leadership team
Build stronger relationships w/in and w/o of GCO
Begin hosting ES critical thinking sessions once per month
60 Days - Value
Connecting the Road Ahead:
30/60/90 Day Management Plan
Brigham Van Auken
October 2014
90 Days - Transformation
Begin hosting ES goal setting sessions once per quarter
Implement what I've learned in Project Smile into team
Paradigm shift from transactional to tactical & strategic about how we think about our client interactions
View GSO/other orgs as true partners and not a separate org
Work with Chris to determine how to make Bridge more robust and organized
Review Engagement structure for customer success alignment
Vision - Transformation
Transforming individual contributors into teachers and into leaders.
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