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Tap Dance

No description

Eric Schiabel

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of Tap Dance

By: Eric, Christina, Josh, and Chris

It is ironic that such a joyous dance form can be traced back to the music and repressed dance movements of African slaves who had been transported to America during 17th and 18th centuries
The slaves were prohibited from cultural and religious expression, their previous exuberant dance movements had to be modified into low shuffles, sweeps and stomps. The drums were replaced with foot tapping and clapping.
During the 1800s, Irish immigrants arrived in America fleeing from starvation
They brought with them their own dance rhythms and steps
These two cultures fused to create African steps, jigs, shuffles and slides, finger snapping and clapping created tap dance today.
History Con't
Fred Astaire is frequently associated with the Hollywood musical era. His skill as a tap dancer is a combination of immense talent and extreme hard work . An element of luck ensured that he was born at the right time and met the right people. He made tap elegant, stylish and charming. Fred Astaire worked with choreographer Hermes Pan to produce some of the screen's finest tap routines. Astaire's beat clarity, dance quality and musicianship is legendary.
Fred Astaire
Tap Shoes
Traditionally, tap shoes consist of a leather sole and two pieces of metal attached to the bottom of the shoe to make the tapping noise. Most tap shoes have adjustable screws to create different sound effects. Tap shoes can only be used on certain surfaces. For example, tap shoes cannot be used
on concrete because the bottom
metal pieces would get scratched. Instead, tap shoes are usually used on
a hardwood floor.
Tap dance is a kind of dance where the performer uses just his feet. The upper part of the body is not moved much. In this dance, the performer puts on special kinds of shoes which have metal plates at the heel and at the toe. The performer dances by tapping these shoes onto a hard surface in a rhythmic pattern with the appropriate kind of music. The sound that comes out of the tapping is similar to that made by professional percussionists. Tap dancers only need a specific rhythm and the rest is up to them.
Tap Dance
tap the ball or pad of the foot against the floor, use your ankle not your whole leg.
place the ball of the foot on the floor with a change of weight.
place the flat foot on the floor with a change of weight.
(heel) dig:
place the heel on the floor, keeping the ball off the floor (with or without change of weight).ball
ding on the heels of one or both feet, "drop" the ball on the floor, with or without change of weight.
standing on one foot, jump up and land on the same foot.
standing on one foot, jump up and land on the other foot.
standing on one or both feet, jump up and land on both feet.brush: standing on one leg
a backward brush
combine two brushes, one forward and one backward.
brush forward and a step
ball change:
two steps on alternating feet. The first step does not get full weight.
Now Its Your Turn!
Here is an example of some tap dancing
Create a short tap dance routine using what steps we have taught you to this song...
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