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Copy of Changing Rights and Freedoms: Aboriginal Australians

No description

Libby Campbell

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Changing Rights and Freedoms: Aboriginal Australians

Changing Rights and Freedoms: Aboriginal Australians 1963 Yirrkala bark petition against mining on sacred land 1965 The Freedom rides in northern NSW take place led by Charles Perkins and students from Sydney The Federal Government replaces Assimilation policy with Integration policy 1966 Wave Hill Strike begins 1967 Federal referendum enables the Commonwealth Government to make laws for Aboriginal Australians 1972 Aboriginal tent embassy erected outside Parliament House in Canberra 1974 Woodward Royal Commission on Aboriginal land rights 1975 Commonwealth Parliament passes Racial Discrimination Act 1976 Commonwealth passes the Aboriginal Land Rights (N.T.) Act 1985 Uluru returned to the traditional landholders 1989 Royal Commission is appointed to investigate Aboriginal deaths in custody Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Commission (ATSIC) is set up 1991 The Council for Reconciliation Act is passed by federal parliament 1992 The High Court hands down the Mabo judgement 1994 The Keating Labor government introduces the Native Title Act 1995 Keating Labor Government establishes the National Inquiry into the Separation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children from their Families 1996 High Court hands down the Wik judgement 1997 Australian Reconciliation Convention is held in Melbourne The Commonwealth Electoral Act is amended to give the right to vote to all Aboriginal people. Test explosions of atomic bombs at Maralinga, South Australia 1962 1957
Conniston Massacre in the Northern Territory. Europeans shoot 32 Aboriginal people after a European Dingo trapper, and a station holder are attacked by Aboriginal people. 1940 The Aborigines Act introduces a new policy of "assimilation".

The Protection Board is abolished and replaced by the Aborigines Welfare Board. The Aboriginal Protection Board is established in NSW and takes over the administration of reserves. 1883 1928 The Aboriginal Protection Act introduces powers to remove ‘part Aborigines’ from reserves (beginnings of Stolen Generation) January 26 sees the first major political rally by Aboriginal people who gather in Sydney on Australia Day, calling for a "Day of Mourning" and protest over discrimination against Aboriginal people 'Bringing them Home' report is published 1998 The Native Title Ammendment Act is passed(making it harder to claim land) 1999 The first Sorry Day is held 2004 Redfern riots 2007 PM Kevin Rudd apologises on behalf of the Australian government 1938 1909
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