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Among The Hidden Tomas

No description


on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of Among The Hidden Tomas

Among The Hidden
Margaret Peterson
Tomas Montoya
Summary Draft
I´m lonely because I don´t talk to a lot of people very often. The reason is that I only know at least 5 people in my whole life, and that every single day my dad and mom are at work and my brothers are at school so I stay alone in my house hiding from the population police.
Luke Garner
Hi I´m Luke Garner. I´m a 12 year old boy. Something I need to tell you about me is that I am a third child (shadow kid) so I need to hide all day long. I live with my dad, mom and my brothers Matthew and Mark. Sometimes I go quietly to Jean´s house. Jean is another shadow kid so we play in her house very often. My traits are: ......
I am shy with people because I don´t like to talk very much especially when someone shouts at me or is stronger than me and looks like if he was going to punch me in the face. Another reason I am shy is because sometimes I get very afraid that someone like the population police will appear and kill me.
Careful with what I say
I´m careful of what I say because when Jean told me to go to the rally, I said no and better I did it or i´ll be dead. Last example is, when Jean´s dad asked me for a fake ID card I was very careful and said yes for the purpose to change history like how Jean did.
Pictures and Photos
Dear Jean
I wanted to tell you that I´m a third child so I am not allowed to live or play out side or anything, the only thing I can do is hide. But what I really want to tell you right now is that I can´t go to the rally that you plan because I can´t leave my family only to risk my life and because I´m afraid the population police would kill us. Good Luck
Dear Luke
I already know you need to hide! But why can´t you go to the rally!!! Because you do not want to leave your family Baby? Or because you are afraid. You know I don't care if you don´t go so, BYE!
Your only friend,
Have a good day.
Souvenirs and Mementos
Potato Chips
: The potato chips were important to Luke because that is one of the things that Luke and Jean love to eat and because that´s one of the memories that Luke has from Jean.
: The books were important to Luke because that is how he learned big and difficult words through the story. In addition books were very important to him because that´s how he was informed about the outside world like the schools, gardens, and interesting things for him.
Fake ID:
It was important to Luke to have the fake ID because that was how Luke changed his life by going to Henrix School for boys and left his family. It is important to him because that´s how Luke would change history like Jean.
Journal Entry
Luke have changed over the story from being
afraid and a wimp kid by being more confident with his actions and to be stronger of personality and taking risks like a risk taker. What made Luke change were a lot of things, the most important one was when he took the risk to go and find out if there was a shadow kid in the Sports family house. I learned that it is important to be curious and be a risk taker so you can learn new or cool things about life. The theme of the story is to take risks and not hide like a baby, have a real life, fight for your rights, be strong and not allowed people to take out your human rights.
Thanks for Watching
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