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How Monsoon affects life in India

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Cheo Kai Qing

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of How Monsoon affects life in India

How Monsoon affects India Positive Points Negative Points Monsoon in India destroyed people's houses and businesses Caused water to be polluted which led to the diseases, and therefore a rise in the number of deaths Destroyed crops - their source of food, way of earning money for a living Caused people to be poor and homeless and all these led to their deaths. Sometimes, the Monsoon was not that strong and therefore, did not cause much damage and harm to the people. Sometimes, the Monsoon was very strong and it led to this... In fact, the rain helped the farmers as the rain caused the crops to grow well. Therefore, the farmers can sell the crops quickly and earn much more money. This led to a economy boom. When people earn more money, they tend to spend more. The monsoons depending on how severe they are can ultimately affect the Indian's way of life. When it is not that severe, it can allow them to earn more money, by letting their crops prosper well. However, when it is very severe, it can destroy their houses, crops and businesses and cause them to be poor and homeless. And this leads to death of the people. Conclusion Farmers attending to their newly grown crops...
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