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New Consumer Path to Purchase

Internal Lunch & Learn

Elyse Cole

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of New Consumer Path to Purchase

The traditional 3-step marketing model needs to evolve In today's digitally-empowered world,
what used to look like a funnel... Now looks like more of a flight path Patients dart back and forth as they touch down -- again and again -- not at cities but at all the information hubs on their journey Triggered by a doctor
visit or other stimulus Many patients and consumers start thinking about -- and researching -- purchase decisions days in advance Relying on ~10 sources of information before making a product purchase decision Conducting their
research in a multi-screen world Consumers rely on search to move
between devices and platforms 90% of people move between devices -- smartphones, desktops, tablets and even TV -- to accomplish their research goals smartphones are by far the most common starting point Through two types of multi-screening Search is one of the top sources And while the consumer healthcare journey still
follows a predictable path For many, the entire journey occurs online and at the pharmacy The way patients answer their questions and make treatment decisions has changed HCPs remain the most trusted sources of information Pediatric Analgesics Driving significant volume in Adult Analgesics Driving significant volume in Heartburn Driving significant volume in As well as many other categories We need to extend HCP influence to patients beyond point of care... Bringing the HCP perspective to patients in all of the places they now turn to make treatment and purchase decisions Health Sites Social Media Search Engines To be successful... We need to create a compelling brand story online with a strong search presence and drive-to-retail Taking advantage of the latest paid search opportunities And knowing how to optimize placements across each type of keyword to drive maximum value Someone who is ready to buy something Someone who is almost ready to buy something Someone looking for something near them Someone who is wanting to learn Creating a good user experience on all devices We need to go multi-screen 0f smartphone users have searched for local information We need to win at local with geo-targeted mobile placements 0f those users take action within 24 hours And tell our story with video 0f consumers report using YouTube to browse and research product information Video is now an essential part of the research flight path More than Medicine:
Non-branded content boosts
organic search rankings More than Medicine: mobile resources at shelf secure the sale Our offering:
More than Medicine More than Medicine:
Key elements map to patient journey But through all of this activity, consumers are essentially searching for one thing Clients come to us to help them: Most people see DiD as a professional agency Drive Recommendations Generate Claims Drive Sales These are all valuable objectives, but there is more to influencing consumers through HCPs And that more is Trust Trust in the information they find online Trust in their product choices Trust in their healthcare treatment decisions And that's where the HCP comes into play Patients have truly become healthcare consumers Patients now evaluate healthcare purchase decisions along parameters we have traditionally seen for consumer products: Price Quality Satisfaction Convenience Value Retail Pharmacy With proven ability
to build credibility and preference for brands We need to rethink our traditional approach to extending HCP influence to consumers With ZMOT, we can expand beyond our #1 recommended claims to drive even more consumer preference and purchase intent + + HCP ratings on products or feature sets Condition-specific HCP recommended "shopping lists" More than Medicine:
Leveraging search, YouTube, social and online media to build visibility for key elements online Any questions? More than Medicine:
Core elements Adaptive design, search optimized web sites with multi-media content and coupons

HCP videos -- discussing the content and recommended treatment options

Product videos (MOA) -- illustrating the unique benefits

HCP ratings -- of product and/or ingredient

Condition-specific HCP recommended shopping lists

All content is informed by research and keyword search trends
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