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Copy of Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy by Erwin Penders - Nexwork BV

Kasper Koed

on 20 September 2010

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Transcript of Copy of Social Media Strategy

Erwin Penders 25 Employees
Maastricht, Eindhoven &Amstelveen
Part of the Zandbeek Communication Group Agenda What is Social Media ? Why I need to consider it? Where to start? 10 Steps 120.000 new blogs created each day
More then 350 million people globally read blogs
6 of top 10 websites are social
Facebook: more then 400 million users
More then 1 Billion views daily on YouTube Where to start? Branding?
Service? Start at C-level
Why? Company culture
Become who you are!
Share knowledge
Active participance with passion
Company guidelines My Company Investment Time, time & time!
Money (Staff, consuling)
Passion & emotion!! What do I get? Relationships
Brand equity
Enriched content
More volunteers
Organizational growth Internal Organisation Commitment
Change Management
Corporate culture 1. Explore 4. Audience behaviour 3. Target audience 2. Listen & Experience 5.Internal discussion 6. Strategy EXIT? 7. Integration Marketdevelopment 8. Media & Platforms 9. Projectmanagement 10. Launch &Measure Explore the different Social Media platforms
like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and see what
happens! Get involved and see what happens! Where can I find my audience online? Or GO! Only websites Blogs &Forums (Open)Networks This presentation was made using:
Prezi, YouTube & Flickr. So what's the trigger to get things started?
Be yourself, express yourself.
Be part of it.
Think long term, not quick profit.
Don't suddenly disappear (ghostwriter).
Listen and observe a lot.
Don't shout, just talk.
Choose your medals! You can't solve everything.
Put everything together
Get a webcare team (communitymanager)
Get a 24 hour mentality
Make sure you can do what you say
Put together company guidelines
Motivate people Now get out of that chair
and get started! What do we want to achieve?
Who gets involved?
Where are we going to do it?
When will it happen?
Which parts are essential?
Why do we want to achieve our goal? Operations Director Nexwork BV e.penders@nexwork.nl

www.twitter.com/ependers The marketeer is no longer the person who does the corporate positioning.

Every department will use Social Media. Fits the Social Media strategy within our total marketingstrategy?
Do our online activities strengthen our offline activities?
Do we have the same goals? What channels are we going to use?
Which tools fits our audience?
Do we need to setup a community?
Mediastrategy (publicity) Social Media Strategy Thank you!
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