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Bienvenidos a Español 2

No description

Citlalli Del Carpio

on 5 January 2017

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Transcript of Bienvenidos a Español 2

Cosas importantes para la clase Bienvenidos a Español 2 Material para clase This class is your
responsibility ¿Sabías qué? textbook
Online Manual (8 ejercicios mínimo) 1. Interpretacion de lecturas
2 pages each (about 500 words)
(look your compo topics to do this) Portafolios
(jueves) 1. Los alimentos hispanoamericanos en el mundo
(Ojo portafolio 1A) Composiciones
(lunes) Miércoles:
Reading (2)
Audio (2)
Writing (2) Diagnósticos, ODA, WDA,
Midterm, SOPI, Final Exam Attendance!!!!! Portafolios
Jueves Composiciones
Lunes Diagnósticos
Miércoles 2. Interacción con mi compañero hispanohablante
*una entrevista 10 minutos
* fill out the observation sheet. 3. Interpretación auditiva (coursework)
on at least three (3) separate occasions
for twenty (20) minutes eachtime. 4. Presentación de canciones 5. Complilación y reflexión 2. La vida de mi compañero/a de conversación 3. Los latinos en los Estados Unidos
(Ojo Portafolio 1B)
This will be your Oral presentation too Laboratorio
ODA (3 Speaking)
WDA (2 writing) Sopi:
TBA Participación
Read handout Read the syllabus every day
(look your coursework) Practice speaking outside class
This is very important Be professional with your work
in class. Staple and type your homework PARTICIPATE!!! in class Oral Presentation ODA
WDA Attendance students who will have an attendance
problem due to official University business,
religious participation, or a scheduled hospitalization,
should inform me!!! Student Name: Fulano de Tal
SUNet ID: fulanito12
(i.e., the part of the email before the @)
Class: Spanlang 1
Activity: Rugby
Dates of Expected Absence: 9/28, 10/10-12, 12/3
(use this format exactly for dates
do not include dates when class is not in session)
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