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Unit 1 Ch 1 The Sports Medicine Team

The Central and Peripheral Team Components

Paul Dunham

on 20 August 2018

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Transcript of Unit 1 Ch 1 The Sports Medicine Team

The Central Team
Sports Medicine

Athlete's Parents
Team Physician
Athletic Trainer
The Athlete is the
of the team.
He provides the other members with vital information about the injury. The experience is theirs.
The Central Team includes all those parties who are directly involved in the initial care of an athletic injury.
The team physician is the
medical authority
that oversees the sports medicine team effort. Responsible for
diagnosis of injuries and illnesses,
writing prescriptions, ordering diagnostic tests and consulting with AT.
When dealing with someone under 18 years old parents must be involved in decisions made about injuries.
Final decisions
are made by parents.
Coaches have daily contact with athletes and parents. They are vital to the athlete's return to play and training to
restore function
The AT is the
key communicator
for each member of the team. The ATC provides the initial evaluation, first aid/emergency care, follow up treatment, and guidance for return to play. Responsible for the day to day management of athletic injuries in most settings.
Peripheral Team
The Peripheral Team includes professionals that provide
care or assistance to the injured athlete.
Registered Dietitian
Team Dentist
Physical Therapist
Student Aide
Equipment Manager
School Nurse
Strength & Conditioning Coach
Orthopedic Surgeons, General Practitioners and Emergency Physicians commonly serve as team physicians.
Environmental & Food Allergy Specialist
Female Health & Wellness
Tooth Care and Dental Health
Evaluation & Treatment of Musculoskeletal Injuries
Specialist in Foot & Ankle Injuries
Issues, Repairs, & Maintains Sports Equipment
Assist AT & Other Team Members
"Eyes & Ears"
Specialist in Brain & Central Nervous System Injuries
Child & Adolescent Wellness Specialist
Specialist in Spine Abnormalities
Heart and Cardiovascular Specialist
Specialist in School Health
Primary Care
Yearly Physical & Illness/Injury Care
Specialist in Maintaining & Improving Strength & Fitness
Nutrition & Wellness Specialist
The Team Physicians or
Team Docs
for FMHS are Dr. James Heerwagen & Dr. John Gomez. Their specialties are Orthopedic Surgery and Emergency Medicine.
Leah Farquar & Janet Krueger are the nurses at FMHS
There are two distinct groups of people that make up the

Sports Medicine Team...
Central Team
& The
Peripheral Team
Sports Video Analysis
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