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Ariana's time line

No description

John Miller

on 17 February 2016

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Transcript of Ariana's time line

Ariana time line
l was born in 2006
When my bother was born
When it was my sister day
It was my sister birthday she was 6 year old in her birthday it was her trun to hit the pinata.
When my bother was mad
my brother was mad because he did not want to take the picture he was so mad.
When my mom did hard word!
When l was born is was the hard day because my mom had a hard day to take care for use. It was a long ago it was so hard.She was so tired she was sick.
When l first read
It was hard to read when you are small l read it all by myself my mom was so happy that my mom had a girl he name was Ashley l teach her how to read.The book was call Horton hear a who.
4th grad
4th grad was hard because there are lost for people that you do not know the teacher are Mr. brown class and Mr. perz. There are lost for teacher are cool. In school there are lost for think to do in school.
l was born in mexico with my mom
my brother was in graduated kindergartner
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