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From the Arctic to Boston

No description

Madeleine Student

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of From the Arctic to Boston

snowy owls have traveled from the Arctic to Boston
also seen around the great lakes, North Carolina, Bermuda, Hawaii, Great Plains, northern Rockies, and the Pacific Northwest
scientists are not sure why the owls are migrating towards the U.S.
they have food up in the Arctic
transmitters attached to birds prove that they can get back
young birds show up regularly
Past Spotting of Owls outside the Arctic
this is the third spotting of owls
two years ago they were spotted all over the U.S.
one year ago the birds were spotted around Northwest U.S.
this year they are drawn to Northeast U.S.
The future for owls
Denver Holt (founder of the Owl Research Institute in Montana) predicts an irruption

Facts About Snowy Owls
males are almost completely white
females are white with brown flecks on the their feathers
babies are the color of dead grass
they usually have yellow eyes
From the Arctic to Boston
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