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Gathering Blue

Compare and Contrast

Roberto Irigoyen

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Gathering Blue

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Compare and Contrast Conflict Gathering Blue: The main conflict is man vs. society. The people in Kira's village don't accept anyone who is handicapped. If a person becomes handicapped through injury or disease, or if newborn babies have any physical flaws, they are destined to die. This conflict is also seen in the control the Guardians have over the villagers.

The Giver: One "man vs. nature" conflict is depicted by the way in which society tries to control or overcome the forces of nature. They do this by controlling life and death, the weather, and any other aspects of nature that they can. At the same time, pain and suffering from nature sometimes do overcome society's constraints on them.

Plot Settings Gathering Blue: Starts in a small dystopian village with an Edifice building in the center continues on to a forest and Kira's and Thomas' room.

The Giver: Starts in a near- perfect futuristic utopian society ruled by a council of elders, Though towards the end it has various geographic differences. Characteristics Kira: Her mother had taught her to be as strong and independent as possible. She taught her how to be a weaver and learn from her. She is a strong and determined young lady. After her mother's death she goes off on her own, but right away she begins to think of the things that she will need and have to do to survive.

Jonas: As a result of his training he possesses more wisdom than almost anyone else in his community, he is still very young and knows little about life in the community itself.At his age he is too young to control the powerful emotions that his training unleashes. Kira: Her motivation is the right-being of her village and the rights of it's people. This motivates her because she feels the council is very unfair.

Jonas: Jonas' motivation in the beginning is to accomplish his assignment well so that the council will be pleased. This changes in the novel towads the end to the saftey of himself and Gabe and to change his old community . He knows if he and Gabe get caught they will be killed so this drives him to continue. Kira/ Jonas
Gathering Blue/ The Giver Motivations: Of hi Steven was here THE END OF THE PRESENTATION Gathering Blue: An extraordinarily talented young girl who finds herself suddenly orphaned and taken to live in a mysterious government compound near the center of her village. There she meets other creative children, and together they discover the truth about themselves, their parents, and their society.

The Giver: When Jonas and other Elevens become Twelves in December, they receive their Assignments. As someone with intelligence, integrity, courage, and a certain special capacity, Jonas is selected to become a Receiver of Memories andthe Receiver also has the responsibility to shoulder the burden of sorrow and pain that the memories bring. Hello hello
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