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Blood for Sale Case

No description

Gunay Heydarova

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Blood for Sale Case

Dilemma: Should blood
be commercialized or

Blood givers
People who need blood
Org. that coordinates the process
General Community

Consequentialist approach
several cases of hepatitis
Increased profits
Helping people in need of blood
Libertarian View
3 Theories of Justice
Consequentialist, Deontological, Focus on Integrity
Good must outweigh any harm
More people are helped than harmed
Reasons for
greater good
Africans were paid
People received the desperately needed blood
Thousands can live compared to a few cases of hepatitis
Blood for Sale Case
Gunay Heydarova
Ethics of Business and Public Admin.

Summary of the Case
Sol Levin founded Plasma International
Bought blood from:
1. Alcohol/drugs addicts
2. West African tribes (15 cents a pint -> 25$ a pint
Inequalities are justified when they benefit the least advantaged (people who need blood)
Using the Veil of Ignorance: Someone is in need of blood (buying it) and someone else is giving it (selling).
Blood for Sale

Can't interfere with the decision of PI
Nozick's 2nd Principle
Market relations - unrestricted
Immoral and unjust to force to aid others

Deontological Approach
Some actions are wrong, even if the consequences are good
Golden rule + the right to live: would want safe blood
Truth telling (Kant) - Agreement details
The right to give blood, which cannot be bought is threatened (altruism)
Morally wrong to pay so little

Virtues/Integrity Approach
Rely on the ethics of your profession
or other relevant moral community to
guide you
Example: British Blood System

Corporate Social Responsibility
Were they thinking of it?
Did they attempt to select donors?
Did they care about people in need?
Making profit, but not socially
responsible. Legal compliance is not
Thank you for your attention!

Any questions?
Blood for free or donated should be
given to medical organizations in public sector
Medical organizations in private sector like any type of medical service can commercialize it
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