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The stolen generations

No description

Lisa Schaube

on 20 December 2016

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Transcript of The stolen generations

The stolen generations
Different Stories
Situation Today
What is that?
between 1900 and 1970
every tenth aboriginal child was removed from the family by the government
(in some generations every third)
nearly 100.000 children
How was the Situation and why?
Aboriginal Protection Boards and Protectors had full power over life of the Aborigines
Many "Half-Casts" were born
Australian government saw a problem in the aboriginal culture, lifestyle and religion
What happened than?
different ways to separate children and parents
brought them to orphanages or missionary stations
grew up alone with her family
her little siblings were taken away when she was 14
family could not do what the welfare wanted them to do
family got destroyed
Rose did not find her Brothers and sisters again until all were adult
came into hospital in the age of 13 months
hospital recorded that Bruce had no parents
got adopted by a white family
his mother could not reach him
never saw his father again
came back to his mother for 14 months
spent the rest of his youth in institutions
Hardest strain and after-effects
separated from community
separated from siblings or kinship was kept secret
lost their culture and roots
often jobless, addicted to alcohol and drugs
got violent, depressive because of the lost identity
worse education
feel neither black nor white
parents lost courage to face life
general compensation money was never paid
1998 Bruce Trevorrow launched legal action against the government of South Australia
became the first Aborigine to win compensation for being taken from his family
Bruce was awarded 330.000 Euro
the process took nearly 10 years

Attitude of the
government today
Children got adopted by whites
Children became cheap workers and domestics
Film: Rabbit Proof Fence
Herbert Basedow
Film: Rabbit Proof Fence
Carol's Grandmother
nine children
Carol's Mother
Carol's Grandfather
got ill
three children
two children
born in the mid 1950s
3rd generation in her family who got removed
put into Beagle Bay Mission dormitories
stayed there for 14 years
got abused by missionaries
became a domestic for a white family
agreed to the adoption of her two children
Compensation money
1997- Bringing them home report
by Australian Human Rights Commission
on behalf of the australian ministry of justice
535 victims shared their stories in 524 pages
makes the significance of that cruel incident clear
2000 - Total denegation
government said you can not call it stolen generations
there were not more then 10 % but at the most 10% removed
treatment of the children was well-meant
from nowadays it is not possible to judge decisions that were made in the past
2008 - Official "Sorry"
Prime Minister Kevin Rudd hold a speech to say sorry
money is still not payed
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