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Why Grades should be abolished

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Robert Crouch

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of Why Grades should be abolished

Others option..
"Grades de-emphasize the importance of learning. Grades are so heavily emphasized, it trumps the need to gain information and apply skills to life. High grades are the goals for many, and students always take the easy way to obtain these high grades (cheating)."

Why I hate school but love Education
I can't stand it.
Sure, grades help to expedite the work of administrators and employers by providing a quick way of judging performance and skill level. But for both students and colleges, the grading system has become a shady game of who can look the best on paper.
I feel like the dream is gone..
The dream I am referring to is the dream of doing what I want with my life, I want to do some short a tech job rather that build web sites, server admins, app builder, or anything in the tech field, but here's the thing, you need atlest 4 years of some short of collage to do what I do on a daily by my self because I've self taught myself and I love doing it. Since I can't make it in any "real schooling system" I'm kinda lost.
Why Grades should be abolished
"I think that grading systems should be terminated, but there should still be a way for teachers to receive feedback on the students performance in school. Grading systems provide the students with massive amounts of stress because if they are not doing exceptional parents and others put them down and make the particular student feel intellectually unfit around others."
"Grading is an essential part of testing ones abilities or knowledge. Testing knowledge and problem solving abilities is an important aspect of teaching. Grading is an important aspect of testing. One cannot test ones self without a result of that test, to succeed or fail is how we can come to grow."
I admit that grades may not help students learn, but it does help people set a goal and motivates the students to keep going in order to reach a better grade.
Why can't we live like humans and learn as we live life?
I hate the fact of being stuck in a daily routine that I don't like and I go most days not learning anything and just think to my self, what will all this amount to in my life.
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