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The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod Eighth grade Bites

No description

Henry Kelser

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod Eighth grade Bites

The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod Eighth grade Bites
By: Heather Brewer
By: Henry Bombinski
Eighth Grade Bites
takes place in a small
town called Bathory.
In Current day

This is a external conflict
It is mainly a person vs. society.
Vlad the main character is being
sought out by others of his kind.
And theres a new teacher named
Mr. Otis who seems to concerned
with his activities and then there's
Nelly Vlad's "mother" so he has
to fend off a lot of people.
Exposition: A man is thrown down in the woods D'ablo hovering over him "wheres the boy!"
Rising Action: Vlad starts his first day of eighth grade. He then finds out his favorite teacher is missing. He thinks the teacher (Mr. Otis) killed his old teacher. He then breaks into the old teacher's house looking for clues, and he does. He finds Mr. Otis's hat.
Climax: Vlad finds out that Mr. Otis isn't just his teacher hes his uncle.
Falling action: Otis tells Vlad why D'ablo is trying to kill him.
Resoloution: Vlad kills D'ablo.
Vlad; Vlad is a vampire who is in the eighth grade. who will later judge the fate of his city, but not in this book. He isn't full vampire he's half and half that's why D'ablo tries to kill him.
Otis: Otis is a teacher who fills in for Vlad's old teacher. Vlad is very suspicious of Otis and he should be. Vlad soon finds out that otis is his uncle.
Nelly: Nelly is Vlad's guardian who took in vlad when his parents died when he was seven. Even though Shes not hisreal mom she sure acts like.
D'ablo: D'ablo is trying to kill Vlad so he can take his powers. Vlad does not let this happen. He later finds out that his father was D'ablo's mentor.
Henry: Henry is Vlad's best friend and drudge. A drudge is a vampire's servant. But enry doesn't know this yet. But as long as he is Vlad's drudge they will always share a connection
I believe the theme of this
book is don't judge a book
by its cover sort of thing
I'd give this book a thumbs up and recomend it to anyone over the age of ten.
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