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Cherokee Indians

How Tecchnology, Human Characteristics, Indain removal act, and Tension over land effected the Cherokee Indians

Grant Midyett

on 24 February 2011

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Transcript of Cherokee Indians

The Cherokee's Technology The Cherokee Indians used many weapons and tools. When they would go to war with another tribe they would use Bows and Arrows, Tomahawks, Battle Hammmers, Maces, Spears, and on occasion they would use blow guns. But when they were not fighting they needed other tools to use. The Cherokee indians were a sedentary tribe so they had to use the resources around them. So they would use bones and every little useable part of the animal. They also used stone, and wood to make tools. Some tools they used were hammers, fishing poles, fishing spears, knives, pots and pans,and a bunch of different farming tools. Human Characteristics of the Cherokee Indians The Cherokee Indians lived in houses with 2-3 rooms that were usually big. The only reason they would add more rooms would be if a member of the family decided to get married and stay in their parent’s house. The Cherokee Indians beds were made out of woven branches and leaves. The language that that Cherokee Indians used was common in their area so it was commonly known. An average Cherokee male wore a big leather-like cloth diaper with leather leggings and also some of them might wear a leather top in the summer. The women would wear dresses made of deer skin or a cloth made from animal hair. In the winter both the men, women and children would wear heavy animal skins. How The Indian Removal Act Effected The Cherokee The Cherokee were one of the first to move in the Indian Removal Act. And they were the ones that started the “Trail of Tears”. Like all of the other tribes they tried to refuse but the United States Government overruled them so they had to move. This was a really sad period in time for all Native Americans because people would die traveling to the "Great American Desert". Plus the Indians were losing all of their home land where their ancestors had lived for centuries. Tension Over Land of the Cherokee Indians In 1721 the Cherokee Indians signed their first treaty with the white men. In 1775 the Cherokee Indians fought in the Battle of Taliboa. In this battle the Cherokee leaders wife picks up weapon and finishes the creek off. Some of the Cherokee Warriors helped future president Andrew Jackson in 5 battles and saved Andrew and his army a few different times. Resources:

By: Grant Warford 6th Hour Social Studies
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