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Timothy McCloskey

on 7 October 2010

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Transcript of Barbados

My Country is Barbadoos Barbados has a few industries. They include torizum, molassas, chemicles, sugar, light manufacturing, and compounant assembly for export. Barbados's calture Music-Barbadian folk songs are heavily influenced by the music of England. Many traditional songs concern events current at the time of their composition, such as the emancipation of the slaves of Barbados, and the coronations of Victoria, George V, and Elizabeth II; this song tradition dates back to 1650. The most influential Barbadian folk songs are associated with the island's lower-class laborers, who have held on to their folk heritage. Food-Cutters (large flying fish sandwiches, often served with coucou (seasoned cornmeal topped with spiced tomatoes, onion and peppers),Conkies (cornmeal blended with coconut, pumpkin, raisins, sweet potato and spices steamed in a banana leaf Religon-AnglicanMormon
Apostolic Teaching CentreMuslim
Christian - Church of ChristPentecostal
Jehovah's WitnessRoman Catholic
JewishSalvation Army
MethodistSeventh Day Adventist
MoravianSpiritual Baptists Government-parliamentary democracy; independent sovereign state within the Commonwealth Barbados is thought to have been originally inhabited by Arawak Indians. By the time Europeans explored the island, however, it was uninhabited. The Portuguese were the first Europeans to set foot on the island, but it was the British who first established a colony there in 1627. Colonists first cultivated tobacco and cotton, but by the 1640s they had switched to sugar, which was enormously profitable. Slaves were brought in from Africa to work sugar plantations, and eventually the population was about 90% African american. A slave revolt took place in 1816; slavery was abolished in the British Empire in 1834.

Barbados was the administrative headquarters of the Windward Islands until it became a separate colony in 1885. Barbados was a member of the Federation of the West Indies from 1958 to 1962. Britain granted the colony independence on Nov. 30, 1966, and it became a parliamentary democracy within the commonwelth. How Barbadoses calture has changed over time
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