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What is fracking?

No description

Stacie Strader

on 4 February 2016

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Transcript of What is fracking?

What is fracking?
Annie Strader and Nate Plumley
Hydraulic fracturing, AKA "fracking", is the practice of drilling and injecting fluids into the Earth at a very high pressure in order to break the Earth to release natural gas.
How it effects us:
West Virginia is home to the layer of the Earth called Marcellus shale, which is a black rock where natural gas is found. West Virginia is home to over 400 drilling wells, but only 58 are being used (2010 Census).
The Good
We have access to more gas and oil then ever before
The air quality is improved, this is because coal smoke is not emitting into the air after being burned.
Dependence on foreign oil is decreasing.
Lower taxes
The Bad
Amount of resources needed to produce product, approximately 8 million gallons of water are used in one fracking job per well.
The efficiency of producing the product, on average only 30-50% of natural gas can be exacted from the ground via "fracking". On top of that, a well can only be fracked 18 times before it dries up.
The Ugly
Some people believe that fracking contaminates the drinking water
Destroys the Earth's ozone layer through VOC's (volatile organic compounds).
Can create acid rain.
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