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History of Afghanistan- Opium Trade

Drugs..poppy seed history

Maleeya Thomas

on 14 April 2011

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Transcript of History of Afghanistan- Opium Trade

History of Afghanistan- Opium Trade According to Thomas M. Santella, opium is a substance extracted from the milky juice of poppy plants. what exactly is opium? Many people make a tremendous amount of money from selling this kind of seed. This drug trade has led many farmers and people of afghanistan to go from growing traditional crops to.... Growing opium poppy One area that opium is made is through the golden triangle. Another area where opium is made is called the golden crescent. These are the two most illicit opium production areas. What does the word illicit mean? Something that is unlawful or not allowed. The effects of opium:
Tolerance: Need for more doses to get an effect off of it.
Dependence: Craving for the drug Why does trade occur? People need money to live. Do you think this is harmful? The majority of this kind of heroin is moved through routes to market destinations and other areas. Afghanistan has been said to be the greatest illicit opium producer of the world. This trade started back in 2001 and to this day its been said that this growing of opium is still progressing. This production of seed has evolved to the point where Afghanistan is highly dependent on it. Cost of opium in 2010: 550.50...
Is it really worth it?
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