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Types of folklore

Alice Akin

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Folklore

Types of FOLKLORE include:
Tall Tale
Fairy Tale Myths
traditional stories that explains the
actions of gods, goddesses, or heroes,
or a naturally occurring event or phenomenon. Fables
are stories that teach a lesson
or moral,
usually through
animal characters
acting as humans. Legends
are traditional stories believed to be based on actual people and events.
Legends celebrate the achievements' of
HEROIC individuals
and express a cultural belief. WHAT IS FOLKLORE? Folk LORE is the Stories, Traditions,
and Customs
of a culture
or society

But What exactly is CULTURE? FOLK TALEs
anonymous stories passed on orally from one generation to another Tall Tale A tall tale is
a highly exaggerated
often humorous story
about folk heroes
in local settings Fairy Tales
stories that involve fantasy elements such as:
and elves
Magic Folklore started as an oral tradition.
An oral tradition is when stories, songs, and poems, are told from one generation to the other by word of mouth. Culture is...... Did you get
all that? Let's REVIEW
1. Folklore is....

share your guided notes with a person next to you and record anything you may have missed on the review section of your notes. Oral tradition means that the story was.......... passed down by one generation to the next by
word of mouth

But you knew that.....right? In your notes list
three things
that are part of a culture.
Then share your ideas with others
until you have added
two new items to your list. Three qualities found in folktales are:

1. they are about ordinary people

2. they are passed down from one generation to another

3. shares a cultural belief The qualities of Myths are:
1. Explain the actions of gods, goddesses, and heroes

2. Explains how something in nature began (sun rise, the seasons, etc.) These types of folklore
have lessons
or morals
at the end.....
they are called? What is the moral
or lesson
after watching
"The Fox and The Crow"?

Raise your hand
to share your answer
then record it in your notes. What was explained in the story of Arachne?

Draw a picture of it in your guided notes. The main character
in a legend
is considered
a............. Now...add your own
single sentence idea
of what culture is
and record it in your notes. If you said Hero then you are correct.
Create an acronym using hero (each letter should be a characteristic of a hero. A blue ox........a gigantic man
a potato the size of a house and a
a huge baby. These are examples of what you might find in a Tall Tale Fairy tales
are often told to us
when we are little.
List as many examples
of a fairy tale you can
identify the
that makes it a fairy tale. Now....
your notes with a partner QUIETLY to review
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