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AP Style Geography and Weather

No description

Melissa Hughes

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of AP Style Geography and Weather

"Indiana" Domestic:
Do not use postal abbreviations for state names when they stand alone in textual material
Ex: A snow storm struck Eastern Indiana and caused mass chaos. State Names Never abbreviate the following state names in datelines or text:
Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Ohio, Texas, or Utah. Punctuation Place one comma between the city and the state name and another comma after the state name unless ending the sentence or indicating a dateline
Ex: Dayton, Ohio, decided to...
Dayton, Ohio. Today the sate...
Ex: OHIO - Voters decided to... Punctuation in Headlines No periods for two-letter state abbreviations using capitol letters
Abbreviations using lowercase letters require a period
Ex: Ga., Ky., Conn. Capitalization Capitalize common nouns when they form an integral part of a proper noun
Ex: Pennsylvania Avenue, Mississippi River
Lower case nouns when they stand alone
Ex: avenue, river Weather Do not say Weather Man use the term Weather Forecaster

All temperatures should be in Fahrenheit Warning vs. Watch Tornado Warnings are issued by a local national weather service office to warn the public of an existing tornado or one expected to be in existence

A tornado watch alerts the public to the possibility of a tornado in the next several hours Snow Heavy snow is snowfall of 4 inches or more in depth in twelve hours
Snowfall accumulating 6 inches or more in twenty-four hours AP Style Geography and Weather Melissa Hughes
Bailey Romans
Sandy Shephard Punctuation in Postal Codes Use the two-letter Postal Service abbreviations only with full addresses, including ZIP code
Ex: 1218 Robertson Dr.
Louisville, KY 40214 Thank you!

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