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BU 599 PAP Business Plan

This is a thorough business plan for ReDecor Walls Inc.

Deep K

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of BU 599 PAP Business Plan

Business Plan for ReDecor Walls Inc.
By Deepti Kandpile [ Student ID:51046]

One of a kind business
Art Market is comparatively stable
Leasing is affordable than buying
Provides flexibility and convenience
Tax benefits

-:Mission Statement:-

To create an exciting and appealing ambiance for your associates and clientele by giving an opportunity "To live and rejuvenate with the art" in the most affordable manner so that buying is no more an option!!!

We believe in having enduring relations with our customers and hence promptly offer the finest
customer service".

Barriers to Entry
Registration formalities
Contracts with Art galleries
Finding Skilled artists
Licensing Agreement with each artist
New concept of leasing or renting
High initial investment

Market Analysis
Location Advantage: Mumbai and New Mumbai
Financial Capital of India
Total population= 3mn
Commercial Offices= 530
Hotels Restaurants= 460
Educational Institutes=74
Upcoming Development
Why this Business?
Indian artist Syed Haider Raza's painting, 'The Saurashtra' - $3.5 million (Rs 16 crore)
A M.F.Husain art costing $1500 now sells for over $80,000
Same story with other artists
Source: The Art of Riches!. (2011). Money Today, 10.
Does it mean the investing or enjoying the Arts is only Rich man's game???
ReDecor Walls Inc.
What we do?
A Art leasing company operating in Mumbai and New Mumbai, MH, India
Half Yearly and Yearly Rental Programs
Original and In House artists
Nominal Lease fee including Delivery, Installation and Insurance
Also offer Buying option
Target Customers
Organizations having
50+ employees
Planning for refurnishing or renovation work in their offices
Planning to open new business/office locations in and around Mumbai area
Corporate Event Management companies
Office Interior Decorators

 Banking/Financial
 Tourism and Hospitality
 Retail
 Education
 Hospital/Medical Facilities
 Realty/Property/Infrastructure

Organization Chart
SWOT Analysis
The presence of Artwork affects the performance of the employees under stressful circumstances in conditions such as
effective strategic decision making under pressure
, serving as an emblem by
persuading impressions about key management and
organization values.

(Ornstein, 1989).
Industry Analysis
Art Business:
Post 2008
National Art Policy
8% increase in no. of buyers
Expected to grow up to 42% in Tier-II market
Source: Sotheby's International, Feb 2013
Indian Event Management, 2009
Outsourcing Event Management has become popular option
Location Advantage
Source: Knight Frank Research
Product Offerings
Art Leasing or Rental:
Original and In House Galleries
Commission for In house artists: 5% on the profit.
Core Competencies
 Collection of Arts

 Services Offered
Zoom into your office
Do it yourself
Free Consultation
Free Shipping and Easy Returns
Consultations Services
Artistic Venture
Art Galleries

Auction Houses

Art Retailers or Dealers
Benefits of Arts
Symbolizes Organization values

Affects performance of employees in stressful

Creates positive atmosphere for patients
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