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The flash hero journey

No description

Keegan Clark

on 25 January 2017

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Transcript of The flash hero journey

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By: Keegan Clark
Initiation Rites
Barry has to grow up with no parents to teach him how to known right from wrong. He had to grow up with one of his dads friends Joe West, who has one daughter Iris West. Barry has to learn to be tough to stand up to the kids at school that would make fun of Barry for his dad murdering his mom. Joe is a Police officer so he teach Barry and iris to be tough.
Coming of Age.
One day Barry is working his job as a forensic scientist when all of a sudden a lighting bolt come straight through Barry's window and hits him and knocks him out. Barry is unconscious for 9 months. Berry is taken to star labs for that best treatment. They say they know how to help him because it was there particle accelerator explosion that caused the lightning. When barry final wakes up he realize that the lightning gave him special powers. He is the fastest man alive. He is called The Flash.
Fair Maiden
Barry's Fair Maiden is Iris west. Iris is Barry best friend and he grow up with her, but Barry always has loved her. As a adult Iris has a very serious boy friend, so that is very hard for Barry. Later on her boy friend passes away. After a couple of years Barry and Iris realize that they were meant to be together. Whenever Iris is in trouble Barry is always there for her. That is why Iris west is Fair Maiden.

Meeting a Mentor
Barry has multiple mentor's through out season one. One of his mentor is Joe West because Joe always believes in Barry and he can also tell Barry the right from wrong and Barry will listen. Joe Raised Barry to be a strong, independent and kind man. Barry faces many hardship as being the Flash and Joe makes those times easier. Doctor wells also is very helpful to Barry. He help Barry get faster so that he can defeat the Reverse Flash. He also believes in Barry and thinks that berry can do any thing he wants to.
Call to adventure.
Birth/ beginning of The Flash
Barry Allen was born a regular child but when Barry was a young age his life changed forever. One night when Barry went to bed. He heard a loud noise and a lot of screaming. He ran down stairs and found a red and yellow streak running around his living room. The next thing that Barry knew he was in the middle of the street three blocks down. When he got back to the house his mom was dead on the ground and Barry's dad was taken to jail for murdering Barry's mom when he actually didn't do it.
The particle accelerator explosion that turned Barry into the flash also created other people with powers like Berry, these people are called Meta-Human. Most of these Meta-Humans want to use there power for evil so it is up to the flash to stop them. Barry has very many challenges defeating these Meta humans Barry also has to defeat the man in yellow also know as the Reverse Flash because he killed Barry's mom.
The Flash's Hero Journey
Whenever a Meta-human attacks it always happens at night. When the weather wizard attack the city it was at night. He created a really bad lighting storm during the night. During the day is when all the good memories are created between the team flash. When a battle has just finish it usually turns back to day.
The Color White.
The Flash has a lightning bolt symbol on his chest. The symbol is white which means purity and goodness. This symbol is what the flash stands for. He is always trying to help people and trying to make other peoples life's easier. Also the white is very close to his heart that shows he believes in good.
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