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James Madison

No description

Madison Keefe

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of James Madison

date born= March 16, 1751
Place born= Port Conway, Virginia
Married to=Dorthea(Dolley) Payne Todd 17-68-1849
childen= none
Date died=Monteplier
Place died= Biogaphy when John Adams became president,
France and England were still at war. He tried to make him trade so they will stop fighting so the Federalist and Republicans wee now at war with each other.Federalists disobey big time an wanted to succeed. But Madison was not mad. In 1812 he was elected to be president for a second term. In 1812 The Unit States was at war with England and Enland burned down a lot of buildings. In 1815 the war was over.
After he left the office he went home to Montpelier. Other Interesting Facts James Madison was one of the strongest presidents
of The United States Of America. He also finished collage in only two years! He loved to read and made a plan to share money. Last, he and his wife retired at the same time.

Title= James Madison
Author= Anne Welsbacher
Publisher=ABDO The Presiential Years After the Presidency for t
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