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Uranium and Nuclear Power



on 19 September 2015

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Transcript of Uranium and Nuclear Power

Shaan what part are you doing
Two types of uranium mining
1. Open pit mining
Remove all rocks and soil until you get ore
For uranium close to the surface
2. Underground mining
Uranium is farther from the surface
First, drill ore
Second, gets blasted into debris to be transported to the surface
Uranium and Nuclear Power
What is uranium and nuclear power?
-Nuclear power is a way for us to get electricity for cooking, lights, television etc...
-uranium is radioactive substance
- this means it can break into smaller particles
- when uranium breaks into smaller particles it releases nuclear power
- that is then turned into electricity in nuclear power plants.
Thanks for watching our presentation on the methods of separation on Uranium and Nuclear Power. We hope you learned something new and can understand methods of separation.
Mined uranium ore (rock and uranium)
Separated by crushing uranium ore
Solution added
to dissolve uranium
Rock waste is
Uranium solution collected
A yellow cake (uranium powder) remains
Nuclear Power
By: Shaan,Ruben,Sapna,Mariam and Jestan
Nuclear Power Plant
Process (Flow Chart)
Neutron hits uranium atom
Uranium atom splits into two other elements and 3 more neutrons
These 3 neutrons are used to break up more uranium atoms
Heat energy is then release from the separation of the uranium atoms
Heat is used to make steam
Steam spins a turbine to drive a generator, producing electricity
Process (Flow Chart)
Produced by nuclear fission.
Is made in nuclear reactors in power plants to produce electricity
Nuclear energy produced when uranium atoms are split
First step, Crushing Uranium
Second step, Add Solution
Third step, release nuclear power
Third step, Sieving
Last step,Evaporate solution
Evaporate solution
Flow Chart
Mining for Uranium Ore
Underground mining
Open-pit mining
The uranium dissolves in the solution. The rock remains in the solution. This step needs to happen from the getting the rock out of the way
The solution is poured into a sieve. The rock waste is thrown out. The solution with the uranium (dissolved) remains.
Evaporation occurs for the solution to evaporate leaving the yellow cake (powder form for uranium).
Yellow Cake
Uranium Powder
Crushed for making the uranium ore into smaller pieces making it easy for dissolving in a solution.
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