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Plot Graph : The Kayak by Debbie Spring

No description

Courtney Rahim

on 31 December 2013

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Transcript of Plot Graph : The Kayak by Debbie Spring

Plot Graph : The Kayak
by Debbie Spring
Rising Action
Falling Action
- 'The Kayak' is told from a first person perspective.
- It is told from the protagonist,who is named Teresa and is 16 years old.
- The antagonist is a young man named Jamie.
- The setting is established,which is the Georgian Bay.
Teresa notices a windsurfer who is struggling in the water and does not have a life jacket. Without hesitation she decides to help the boy,who turns out to be the antagonist named Jamie.
Trigger Incident
Huge waves are hitting Jamie,knocking him underwater. Without hesitation,Teresa throws him a rope to latch on to. They exchange names,and Teresa reassures Jamie that he will make it back to shore safely.
"I'm Teresa. Don't worry, Jamie. It will be slow because we are going against the current. I promise to get you back in one piece. " Teresa- 2nd page of story.
A wave hits Jamie sideways, forcing him underwater causing him to get stuck underneath the sail. Teresa manages to help him resurface by using all her strength to lift up the heavy sail just enough for Jamie to wriggle out.
A crosscurrent hits the kayak, causing it to flip over. Teresa lands upside down in the water,but luckily manages to roll and resurface.
After the water becomes calm and Teresa and Jamie reach the shore, it is revealed that Teresa is actually handicapped, without the mobility of her legs.
'My mother pushes a wheelchair over. My father lifts me.' -Thought by Teresa, 4th page of story.
'Character vs. Self is revealed to be the most prominent conflict in the story. Teresa is not self-assured when it comes to her being handicapped and this is what she is currently dealing with. She feels more independent and free when she is on water, in her kayak, unlike the trapped and helpless feeling she feels when she is on land in her wheelchair,
- Teresa gains confidence in herself despite her immobility after it is revealed that she is handicapped which reveals that Teresa is a round character. She was not comfortable with herself in the beginning,she had a low self esteem and did not feel accepted on land,which was why she was not open about the fact that she was handicapped. She finally feels like people will accept her for who she is after she met Jamie,who is not bothered by her immobility.
- " My eyes water. Through tears, I see two images of me : the helpless child on land and the independent woman on water. I blink and the land and water merge. I become one. " - Thought from Teresa, 5th page of story.
Jamie does not look at Teresa as being "different" or "disabled". He invites Teresa to a campfire later on that evening,where some of his other friends will be.
" Would you like to join me and my friends at a campfire tonight?" -Jamie to Teresa, 5th page of story.
Teresa agrees to go to the campfire later on that night with Jamie.
-During the campfire, Jamie will treat
Teresa like a normal teenager and not someone who needs pity.
-From this point on, Teresa will finally be able to accept herself for who she is,without feeling ashamed or embarassed. She will carry on her life with confidence despite what she cannot do.
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