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Copy of Updated Classroom Procedures and Rules: Mission Possible

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on 29 July 2017

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Transcript of Copy of Updated Classroom Procedures and Rules: Mission Possible

Welcome to Maynard H. Jackson High School
Science Class
Ms. Stephens
Why do we have procedures?
Entering Class
Mission Possible
with Classroom Procedures and Rules

Ms. S. Robinson
Maynard H. Jackson High School
FAMC Academy

A procedure defines the way that we do things.

Procedures keep our classroom safe and orderly so you can learn!

Be prepared (pencils, paper, textbook, homework)
Be punctual
Use the restroom before coming to class
Complete the DoNow on the board

S: Sit up
L: Listen (no cell phones!)
A: Ask & Answer Questions (raise your hand)
N: Nod
T: Track the speaker
S: Stay in your seat (unless you get permission)

1. Listen to directions!

2. If you don’t understand, ask for help from other students before asking me!
I want you to work together .

3. Use your time wisely. You are expected to turn in work on time in this class- if you do not there will be points taken off.

4. Treat others as you'd want to be treated - pick up after yourself and keep noise level down
5. Be Respectful of others and our
classroom supplies!

1. Prior to dismissal, complete the ticket-out-the door. Hand in exit tickets to the basket for your class on my desk.
2.Clean your work area and take all garbage to the trash can (return supplies, check floor for papers, etc).
3.Remain seated until we dismiss you.
1. Eyes on speaker
2. Be Quiet
3. Be Still
4. Hands free
5. Listen.

My moto is " You get what you give"
You give me cooperation, participation and respect.
I will give you back the same. We will have no problems.
You give me attitude, unwillingness and disrespect.
I will give it back to you!
YOU will have a problem passing this class.
And more importantly you will continue
to have trouble getting through Life.

1. You should continue to work ignoring the guest unless given other directions.
2. Demonstrate your best behavior.

Inappropriate behavior when guests enter the classroom will be severely dealt with.
Appropriate behavior will be rewarded.

The Daily Instructional Agenda is on the white boards under your class title.
This agenda is updated daily and will provide you with the a plan for the days activities.
Look it over when you enter the room.
Homework and due dates will be posted on the board.
We will work from the class website: www.astephensscience.com
If you miss class go to the website to find the work you missed.
You are missing assignments.
We start class at the bell!
You are not excused from assignments because you are tardy to class.
Do Not come to class late without a pass! You will be asked to get one!
-Check the class website: www.astephensscience.com
for missed work or handouts before class.
-Labs cannot be rescheduled. If you are absent during a lab, you will be excused, and may have an alternative virtual lab option.

-You will get a 50 if you have an unexcused absence or if you cut class.

-Missed quizzes and tests must be scheduled with the teacher.
1. Student Conference

2. Parent Contact

3. Detention/ Behavior Contract

4. Referral to Mr. Foster (ISS or OSS).

We are going to have an amazing year!

Mission to Possible ready to Launch!
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