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Role of Women at War

No description

Natalie Chan

on 28 February 2011

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Transcript of Role of Women at War

The Role of Women When World War I officially started in 1914,
it was an extremely long difficult four years
for Canada and it`s soldiers. However, the
women were also a part of the war as
they loyally contributed their skills to help
soldiers in the frontlines and backlines of
war. due to the absence of the
men at war, the women had to
step up and replace the men
back at home.They would have
to work while also doing the
housework and looking after
the children. Women in Europe took an many
other important roles. They were
ambulance drivers, secretaries,
truck drivers, etc. Nursing was a
very common profession that
women during the war took part in.
Many of them were needed to be
there in order to help lend aid to the
wounded soldiers on the
battlefield. This job was
extremely dangerous as well,
since they also had to be present on
the war grounds.
Approximately 60 nurses died in a
nursing capacity during World War I.
Some of them died due to sickness,
while some died due to the sinking of
numerous hospital ships.
women in the war created
many groups, such as the
Red Cross, the Women's
Land Army, and the Women's
Royal Air Force. Due to the
absence of the men at home,
Women worked extremely
hard to sustain the Canadian
economy. Without the stability
of our economy, it would be
extremely hard to support our
soldiers during the time of war. Women had to take on the role
and jobs of men when the war began. At
home, many of them worked in large
hangers to help construct airplanes for pilots.
They helped with work in farms and many even
worked in munition factories, where
hazardous chemicals were present. They put in
many hours of hard labour even when accidental
chemical explosions were present.
Others worked in factories knitting socks to keep
soldier`s feet dry and warm, or stitching up uniforms
for the soldiers. They also had the responsibility of
rationing many resources The First World
War changed the way
many people perceived
women at first. They
faithfully committed to
different duties during war.
Women also proved that
they were just as, if not
more capable and skilled
than men. People around
the world began to
recognize women as
people and began to give
them rights. Everyone
started to treat women as
equals, and this was all
due to the responsibility
and capability that women
showed throughout the
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