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No description

Béla Kovács

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Hungary

B.C. 2000 B.C. 500- A.D. 500 MAGNA HUNGARIA EXPECTED AREA LEVÉDIA A.D. 750 ETELKÖZ A.D. 800-850 CARPATHIAN BASIN Miracle Stag Sons of Nimród Hunor and Magor Huns Magyars A.D. 895 From Ural to Carpathian Basin Adventures in Europe Saint Stephen A.D. 1000 Establish a Christian Kingdom Nomadic life Hungarian warrior King Mathias Golden Age of the Kingdom 1458-1490 (The Fair) 1526-1686 Turkish occupation 15 Marc 1848 Sándor Petőfi Revolution 1914-1918
I. World War participate with
Austria and Germany 1920 Trianon 1944/45 Soviets expel Germans from Hungary
and occupy the country Hungary From A. D. 1000 to recent days During hard times need some fun. II. World War 1956 Budapest Revolution 1989 Change of Regime 1991
Russia start to withdraw it's forces 1999 Join to NATO 1 Maj 2004. Join to EU Inventions and Hungaricums Rubik Cube 1975
Ernő Rubik Noiseless Match 1836
János Irinyi (safety) Ballpoint Pen (Biro) László Bíró 1938 Vitamin - C 1937 Albert Szent-Györgyi Dynamo Ányos Jedlik 1861 1878 Tivadar Puskás Telephone Exchange Hologram 1947 Dénes Gábor Gömböc Gábor Domokos and Péter Várkonyi 2006 Point
Equilibrium Visit Hungary Sopron Hévíz Aggtelek Stalactite Cave Tokaj Mohács Busójárás Hollókő World Heritage Balaton Siófok Badacsony Fire
Tower Danube Bend Visegrád Vác Pécs Fertőd Eszterházy castle (1762-1766) Szeged Saint Mihály Mountain Hortobágy Just stay young Hortobágy Nine-holed Bridge Puszta ötös (Steppe-five) Budapest Population: 10 million

Size: 93000 sq km (36 418 sq mile, Indiana) Hungary Matyó-telli Saw what you did Zwack Unikum 1883 János Zwack Pálinka Hungarian roots Drew Barrymore (hungarian mother)
Adrien Brody (hungarian mother)
George Cukor (director)
Tony Curtis (actor)
Peter Falk (Columbo, hungarian father)
Goldie Hawn (hungarian mother)
Harry Houdini (illusionist)
Béla Lugosi (Dracula)
Rachel Weisz (actress)
Calvin Klein (hungarian parents)
Estée Lauder (hungarian parents)... Zoltán Magyar (Magyar-vándor)
1976 Montreal Not impressed Congrat Huns 1827-1833
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