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Farallon Islands GROUP PROJECT

No description

Aditi Iyer

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of Farallon Islands GROUP PROJECT

Farallon Islands (Group Project)
By: Ameen, Aditi, Ashley, Aishwarya, Sharon,

Where are the Farallon Islands (1)
Dougherty Valley High School is 53.75 miles away from Farallon Islands. Farallon Islands is close to west, but still southwest from us. The nearest landmark is the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California.

Habitat and Restoration (2)
The Farallon Islands, located 28 miles off the coast of San Francisco, are considered to be the Galapagos of California for its abundant wildlife and rocky beaches. There are several different ecosystems located within the island, such as the rocky beaches that are home to many seabirds and pinnipeds and the underwater communities that are home to many marine animals. However, there is another species on the island that doesn’t belong. That species is the common house mice. In fact, the concentration of house mice on the island is one of the largest in the world, probably due to the fact that the island is.The house mice got to the island by ships who stopped by at the island in the 19th century. From then, the population grew and is starting to consume the food source of other animals. Volunteers at the islands help improve the animals habitats by removing invasive plants, clearing human debris from the oceans and rocky beaches, and improving the habitats of animals.
Endangered Species: Ashy Storm-Petrel (3)
Refuge Management (4)
Refuge management focuses on trying to restore what the habitat used to be like before the occupation of people. Management for the Farallon Islands are challenging because of the location, basically inaccessible by boat. Some activities that are needed to be done are invasive plant and animal control, improving of the habitat and cleaning up debris because of the of occupation of people beforehand. A habitat sculpture was built to improve the nesting of some of the birds in the refuge. 2,000 boardwalks were also created to prevent the wreckage of burrows while the staff work on their daily activities. In result of the steep and rocky shoreline of the islands the public is not allowed to visit so that there isn’t any disturbance to the animals living there. They monitor the recolonization and habitat change of the refuge.

Seasonal Changes(5)
5) There are many changes that take place during the four different seasons of the year. However, it is mostly the weather changes that affect the habitats. In the winter, winds up to 50 knot blow and huge waves form in the oceans. It is one of the causes that made elephant seals missing from the island for over 100 years. In the spring and summer, birds flourish. March is the time where birds breed, until around August. Fall is when the calmest and clearest weather occurs. Seals are abundant in the fall, which attracts many white sharks. The populations of organisms change during the year because different organisms are abundant in different seasons of the year. For example, seals gather together during the fall, which attracts white sharks. The number of sharks increases as the number of seals decreases, until there are no more seals left. More come back later, which will again attract more predators.

Social Networks (7)
One of the most important endangered species on the Farallon Islands are the Ashy Storm-Petrel, a predator that eats small fish and crustaceans. The amount of birds alive are around 10,000 with about half of them living on the Farallon Islands. The reason of their endangerment is because of the Western Gull, another bird that lives on the Farallon Islands. The population of the Western Gull on the island is rising, and them being predators of the Ashy Storm-Petrel means that more of the endangered bird will be hunted down by the Western Gull for food. Another reason the birds are endangered are because of pollution. The ingestion of plastic hurts the birds and can possibly kill the bird too. Conservationists try to keep the population of Ashy Storm-Petrels thriving by making sure rocky beaches and bodies of water are free of pollution and eradicating predators of the Ashy Storm-Petrel.

The San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge was founded in 1974. It’s original purpose was to protect wild animals, who were endangered or threatened. Most of the species were endangered because of human interference. For example, in the 1800s, thousands of seal skins were taken from the island, endangering the seals of the island. Also, in the 1850s, the main source of eggs for San Francisco was from the Farallon Islands, thus hurting the bird population at the time.The refuge is located by Pacific Fly
way, a travel route for migrating birds. The refuge is a home to over 280 species of birds, and it extends into Santa Clara County. The human involvement has helped the area by giving animals a place to live, and by giving a shelter to animals that needed it. However, the human involvement has hurt the area by habitat fragmentation, where as opposed to a natural environment, refuges show one that may not be preferred by the organisms that inhabit it.

The Facebook page is used for posting pictures of the wildlife and giving facts and warnings on the wildlife. It relates to our research because it shows information on the wildlife in our area, the Farallon Islands.

This video shows the audience the types of amazing animals they strive to preserve everyday in the Farallon Refuge. I selected this video because people should be aware of the animals that are being protected, so this video exemplified that.

Video (6)
History and Human Envolvement (8)
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