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HUM15 report little prince

No description

Jet Garcia

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of HUM15 report little prince

A Critique Novel
Antoine de Saint-Exupery Genre Novel
Antoine de Saint-Exupery Genre Round Characters Characters Flat Characters Narrator
Little Prince
Fox Turkish Astronomer
Conceited Man
Desert Flower
Garden of Roses
Railway Switchman
Merchant Narrator
Antoine de Saint-Exupery Round Characters Turkish Astronomer
first sees B-612 asteroid through the telescope in 1909 Flat Characters Conceited Man
insists that everyone else admire him
only listens to praise Geographer
knows the location of all the seas, rivers, towns, mountains, and deserts Garden of Roses
overcome with sadness on seeing them because there are five thousand of them in a single garden narrator as the author
personal experience with the little prince
first person Point of View conflict between children and adult
point of view of children is opposite and contradicting than adults
Disagreement among children and adults
importance of looking beneath the surface
inner meaning of a thing
Dangers of Closed-mindedness
Respectful to Uniqueness
Relationships Teaches Responsibilities Theme Narrowness of an adult’s mind
Adults are dull, superficial, unimaginative, stubborn, and lacks creativity
Adults limited to what seems possible
Children as imaginative, creative, and open-minded Dangers of Closed-mindedness Uniqueness of individuals
Different planets
Different people whose talents seem unrecognizable Respectful to Uniqueness responsibilities demanded by relationships leads to greater understanding and appreciation of one's responsibilities
story of prince and rose teaches lesson about nature of real love Relationships Teaches Responsibilities World War II
After Germany had invaded France
flee to New York City
torturous thoughts of the war in Europe, having to leave his homeland and unable to fly planes deeply affected the author
homesick desire to return to France
hope of returning to a time of peace
sense of urgency in Saint-Exupery's message of love and compassion Cultural Significance No specific time and place
Sahara desert
Planets Setting As people gets older and wiser, they lose much wisdom and sense on the importance of life Irony Symbolisms Little Prince
Sole inhabitant of a small planet
Meets the narrator and befriends him Fox
Wise creature
Teaches the Prince the essence of life Flower
doubted of its credibility
prince leaves the planet to escape the flower’s company King
insists upon his authority being respected
does not tolerate disobedience Tippler
drinking to forget that he is ashamed of drinking Businessman
thinks he owns the stars, making him rich Lamplighter
Lights and puts out the lamplight Snake
first living thing that the Prince encounters on the planet Earth Desert Flower
told the prince that there are only six or seven men in existence Railway Switchman
sorts out travellers and sends off the trains that carry them Merchant
sells pills that quench thirst Sheep The Little Prince Desert Star Train Baobabs Railway Switchman Fox Businessman The Little Prince King Flower
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