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my irt 2014 colour

this is my prezi for my irt it is all about colour

ava thomas

on 16 September 2014

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Transcript of my irt 2014 colour

Welcome to my irt
How are colours important in
our world?
My Book Review
My Bibliography
My Narrative
My Fine Arts
journal entries
How do our eyes see colour?
What is colour-blindness?
What are tetrachromats?
What is ultraviolet light?
What is visible light?
What is infrared light?
What do animals use colour for?
How do animals experience the world?
How do colours affect our emotions?
How do colours affect our purchases?
My Information Report
The Making Of My Fine Arts
step 1: the blank canvas
step 2: painting
quiz time!
what is tetrachromacy?
what is another name for red-green colour-blindness?
how much of its skull do an owls eyes take up?
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