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Matt Basinger

on 25 March 2011

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Transcript of Napoleon

Napoleon born
French military school
Napoleon gained his fame from his many victories in Italy.
Early Career
Early Career
After many successes in Egypt, the French navy is defeated by Wellington
Rosetta Stone
Translated Egyptian hieroglyphics
Contained Greek and Latin
Coup de'tat
Riding his military popularity, Napoleon overthrows the radical revolutionary government and sets up a military dictatorship.
Code Napoleon
Single set of written laws that apply to everyone
"A father can veto his son's marriage until age 26 and that of his daughter's until age 21."
"There can be no worker organizations (unions)."
"A married couple jointly owns all the wealth the two accumulate during their marriage, and in case of divorce, must divide it equally."
"The husband owes protection to his wife and his wife owes obedience to her husband."
Agreement with the Pope
Recognize Catholicism as the official religion of France
France would get to keep the land seized from the Church during the revolution.
The Catholic Church would no longer be the enemy of France
The people would support Napoleon because he gave them land.
Louisiana sold to the United States to fund the war effort.
freedom of the press is limited.
Napoleon crowned emperor
Napoleon crowned himself.
Viewed as a major insult to the Pope.
Continental System
After France's defeat at the Battle of Trafalgar, invasion of Great Britain is impossible.
Napoleon tries to cut off all supplies to Great Britain by prohibiting trade from conquered Europe.
Spanish Revolts
New aristocracy created
Nationalism on the rise.
People start to question French rule.
Revolts put down very harshly.
Invasion of Russia
United States joins the fight against Great Britain
Although Napoleon wins every major engagement with the huge 600,000 man army, this is the biggest mistake of the war.
Russians resort to scorched Earth and guerrilla warfare to overcome their disadvantage.
Napoleon returns to France with 40,000 troops left of his original army.
Napoleon excommunicated by the Pope
Pope arrested
After a decisive defeat at the Battle of Leipzig, Napoleon's enemies invade France and Napoleon is captured.
Exile to Elba
Napoleon escapes less than a year later.
Exile to St. Helena
Napoleon marches into France and no one opposes him. They rally around him again.
Napoleon starts to regain land lost after his first exile.
Defeated at the Battle of Waterloo.
Napoleon dies of possible poisoning
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