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Amazon Team

MIS group

Erick Silva

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Amazon Team

Introduction Shopping Screen When purchasing a specific item Building the Website "Amazon has hit every website and has nailed every web design goal"
User friendly
Reaches those with limitations
EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) The Software Database warehousing Hardware The Stats
More than 55 million active customer accounts
More than 1 million active retail partners world wide
Between 100-150 services are accessed to build a page Made up of almost half-million Linux servers
This is Amazon’s “Machine Power” Positives of EC2 1. No physical hardware capacity limitations
2. Limitless addition of space for data storage Negatives of EC2 1.Concern for security in Cloud Computing
Unauthorized access
Malware Infections
Loss of sensitive customer information a. Amazon uses a wide variety of software systems architecture to operate their network such as:
Servlets The Big Architectual Change! Two-tier monolith to a fully-distributed, decentralized, services platform, hosting several different programs and uses at once. Company Information
In our America community today, you have to live under a rock to not know what Amazon.com is.
Amazon.com is the largest online retail stores in the world
Will be taking a closer
look at the build/design of Amazon.com, hardware/software, Database warehouse, and security. EC2 Hardware Database Warehouse Contains all of the companies, clients, and product information
Is the company's central data repository
Largest database warehouse in the world!! Database warehouse Entirely Linux-based
Three databases capacity is 7.8 TB, 18.5 TB, and 24.7 TB
There are 28 Hewlett Packard servers, for CPU's per nod, running Oracle 9i software Divided into three functions- Query, Historical data and ETL (extract, transform, and load)
Limits lag in operations systems, built to optimize complex queries. Customer Tracking Amazon's customer tracking make it the best-of-breed system.
Uses Market Basket Analysis to reveal customer patterns. How Amazon uses Database Warehousing in Business Intelligence Links the company and allows decision making with in the store itself.
Data mining reveals hidden patterns and relationships.
Allow managers and Executive officers to understand customers better. Keeping Company Information Safe Implementation of Netscape Commerce Server using SSL (secure socket layer) protocol.
Avoids phishing by online thefts, by encrypting customer information. Amazon.com Homepage "The architecture and user friendly interface."
a) Flat Architecture
b) Hierarchical Architecture
c) Sequential Architecture
"Amazon also has created features for those with limitations."
a) font and resizing
b) kindle access (people do not need a computer)
c) mobile access
1. application
2 bar code scanning
Information Security Ethics are used so people in the business world can make sound decisions according to certain codes of conduct.
The principles of ethics are not set in stone so it can become difficult for a company to know if they are crossing the line
Keeping Customer's Loyalty and Trusts Customers tend to feel betrayed by companies that they do not feel is using proper ethics.
Making ethical decisions is very important in the business world today to keep a good reputation. Secured Information The information on the internet has become very accessible and it makes users feel very uneasy.
When people hear that companies can track your activity on the internet they begin to think their identity will be stolen
Zappos, a company owned by Amazon, has decided to not use all of the information because they do not want to invade their customer’s privacy.
Security in Business Public information is necessary to keep secure and the same goes with company information.
According to Bloomberg, Amazon and several other companies have joined a lobbyist group to address privacy and security issues. A secure company is a happy company Companies are beginning to learn that they need to be more involved to keep security standards high.
If many customers of Amazon had their credit card information stolen, they would no longer trust them
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