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Everyone is an investor

group presentation

芳儀 陳

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of Everyone is an investor

Summary Q&A Branda Lin Everyone Specialized Terms 1. seed money : (n) money that is used to start a business or activity

2. start-up : (adj) a new business, or the activities involved in starting
a new business

3. broker : (n)
- someone who buys and sells things such as shares in companies or
foreign money for other people
- someone who arranges sales or business agreements for other people

4. angel investor : a wealthy person who gives you starting money, and later
they can maybe receive their share in what you’re doing

5. crowd funding : an idea that many people can put their money together,
and help start a business

6. crowd sourcing : more than one person, usually a big group of people, all
contribute into one thing Vocabulary, Idioms & Fill Out Cynthia Chen Bamboo Lin Anny Chen Is an Investor Crowd funding gains attention again. - social media, online networks, payment technologies legal, psychological, logistical barriers Crowd Funding in Taiwan http://www.zeczec.com/ http://www.flyingv.cc/ FlyingV Zeczec - expands in the angel investor model - growth of companies and addition jobs Summary - About 44 percent of campaigns have met their goal. About Kickstarter Project creators post in blog and updates twitters keeps donors engaged and help generate more funds. Why more and more people like crowd funding? Donors aren’t charged if campaigns fail to meet their financial goals. 3. keeping the scams out 2. Prohibited from making security recommendations or
promoting a particular company. Rules and Regulations - One of the largest crowd-funding sites. - Fund seekers on Kickstarter get their hands on
the money only if they can meet their goal. campaign fails money be returned to donors 1、. keeping donors in the loop 2. 、Beneficiaries give back Fundrasiers often pledge their products as a reward Why more and more people like crowd funding? - Kictstarter's ":All-or-nothing" - 、RocketHub Allows fundraisers to keep the funds even if they fall short of their goal.
Because they found 75 percent of funds raised by someone fundraisers know. The law lacks details on how inventors will be protected. 1. Require they refrain from directly handling money or securities. Still imposes certain rules on funding websites :: Thanks for your listening
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