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No description

Seba Fansi

on 2 May 2010

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Transcript of wePad

Double click anywhere & add an idea reason/s for the offer,
benefits and advantages to target market,
features (specifications e.g. uniqueness) and functions,
marketing channels,
stages of development: path to creation, difficulties along the way, future adaptation or variation in relation to the company and the collaborators’ profile.
NB: You may use SWOT analysis to present your ideas; also, employ various visual aids to communicate your ideas (e.g. table, chart, video.)
the better iPad wePad... What features are U missing at the iPad? USB- and Cardslot
Support of Flashplayer
Camera for Videochat
multitasking more performance, less spending disappointment about the features Marketing and Sales strategy Guerilla creating a facebookpage
target group
media attention
integrated in the productdevelopment process

direct online distribution
electronic markets
Bundling with e-newspapers www.wepad.mobi/en January 27th 2010 presentation idea product development test period soft launch mass delivery sucess software problems proto-type stopped at the customs "Everything a big fake" now How to inform the target
group with our limited budget? SW OT Strenghts Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Innovative
long experience in software business lack of experience
with consumer products in harcware business
emerging market
high demand predicted
strong partners (google) strong competitors
more resources
higher brand awarness
unreliable suppliers
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