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National Bookstore

No description

John Michael Apuyan

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of National Bookstore

Company Profile
National Bookstore is the largest bookstore and offices supply chain in the Philippines.

Proposed Process/es
For Users:
Scope and Limitation of the Study
All information gathered are created only in National Bookstore Caloocan city branch.
Business Process
Context Diagram
Case Study for Business Process
SWOT Analysis

• They have all the needs of their customers.
• They have the best Branch locations.
• Self-motivated Employees.
• They continue the endless development of their stores together with their business partners.


• Their advertisements online is not updated.
• Their products are too expensive unlike from Divisoria.
• They need to have an Information System for their Marketing and Sales (e.g. Automated Purchasing System).

SWOT Analysis

• Innovation and Technology development.
• Building a good systems in serving their customer especially every fix season (e.g. back to school promo.)
• Lowering some of their product price.


• Divisoria and other places have become the preferred destination of a growing number of Filipinos for inexpensive school supplies.
Current Installations
POS (Point of Sales System)
Identified Process
(that needs improvement)
A Buying System:
For Employees:
Data Flow Diagram
Current System
Presented By:
Vitug, Ercar Jr.
Apuyan, John Michael
Ramos, Bjorn Hart
Errol, Cacayan
Jamias, Michael
2004 - National Bookstore Foundation
1930's-1940's - First National Bookstore started as a stall shop in Escolta, Manila.
1950's-1960's - Acquired Philippines franchise for Hallmark Cards
1970's-1990's - Expansion of branches
1996 - Changed the logo of national bookstore decided by the family.
2006 - Launched its new e-commerce website
Take manual transactions with the help of the proposed workstation
Adapt for changes and in technology
Use of Systems
Reduce problems encountered when finding an item inside the store.
Will make transactions automated, complete, and would make it user-friendly for end-users.
Secured Database Management Structure
Online Buying System (BETA)
Machineries are observed on that exact branch only
The interviewee do not want to disclose her Identity for Confidentiality reason.
Data Flow Diagram
Current System
Data Flow Diagram
Proposed System
Data Flow Diagram
Proposed System
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