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Torture and Punishment During Middle Ages

No description

Kayla Bays

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of Torture and Punishment During Middle Ages

The Heretic's Fork Crocodiles Shears Kayla Bays Alex Colley Miranda Miller Ms. Weaver

CP Lit./Comp.

8 May 2013 The Judas Cradle The Heretic's Fork Crocodile Shears The Judas Cradle Set naked Gibbeting Knee Splitter The Rack Introduction Avoiding Death but Prolonging Pain Give me a confession! Torture and Punishment During The Middle Ages Laced with spikes Sex offender! Pyramid seat Double-sided fork with sharp tips Does not harm any vital point Speech and Neck movement impossible Sleep deprivation Few records of being used Results in death Successful or unsuccessful Taking away Manhood Lasted hours to days Died of infection Bacteria, blood, pus, discharge Two wooden bricks with spears

Knees were slid through

Spears driven into flesh Knee Splitter Used on other body parts Heated up 3-20 spikes Breast Ripper Two metal clamps heated
Shoved through breast
Pulled until breast removed Breast Ripper Attached to wall, "Spider" Used to punish miscarriage Punished blasphemy The Rack The Rack Rectangular frame with two rollers The Heretic's fork Work's Cited Engraved Latin word "Abiuro" meaning "take back' Crocodile Shears The Judas Cradle Conclusion The Rack Victims forced to watch torture Knee Splitter Outcomes Resulted in other torture Breast Ripper Results Followed by more mutilations Rarely led to death Infection Resembled ice tongs Victims not always killed Extreme scarring Limbs tied to rollers Stretched until dislocation of limbs Resulted in extreme psychological damage Used to punish treason Originated from Greece The Rack Outcomes Arms sometimes removed If not removed rendered useless Could be used to kill Gibbeting Noose is placed around neck Person was to step off of platform Body hang in mid air for civilians to view and tease Gibbeting The most known device used for death sentences Always resulted in death Most efficient and effective way to execute Public enjoyed to view the body Scavenger's Daughter Death was often, but never announced Blood was lost from nose and ears Most victims committed suicide to avoid the torture Scavenger's Daughter Body braced, and compressed inward Bones crushed Internal bleeding External bleeding Head Crusher Head placed between metal bar and helmet Bar and helmet forced together Skull and teeth crushed, and eyes fell out Tremendous brain damage and blood loss Assassination of our king! Head Crusher Created for confessions, and execution Suicides took place Individuals could request it upon their loved ones murderer, cheater, lover, etc. "Breast Ripper." Medievality.
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