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Oglethorpe Daily

No description

Holly Wendel

on 16 September 2014

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Transcript of Oglethorpe Daily

Transported Oglethorpe and GA's 1st Colonist from England to GA
Highland Scots & Salzburgers
New Colony has Name - Georgia!
+ GA's goal was to be a charter colony for 21 years...it fell short and was a charter colony for 20 years.
+ The Ann
Off to the New World!
WELCOME ALL (except Catholics)
+ According to the charter of 1732, the GA colony stretched from the Savannah River southward to the Altamaha River.
+ All religions were welcomed except Catholics! NO CATHOLICS allowed!
+ There were strict rules about land-ownership, work, alcohol, and slaves.

+ Upon arriving in GA JO had to make friends with Yamacraw Indians.
- JO did not speak the natives language so he needed help so he offered a husband and wife 100 British pounds a year for help.
+ Mary Musgrove was the translator between the Yamacraw Indians and JO.
+ Chief Tomochichi help JO negotiate the site to begin the GA colony.
- German Protestants were forced to leave Salzburg Germany and came to GA.
+ They came to GA for religious freedom and established the towns - Ebenezer & New Ebenezer.
+ Needing help during times of war JO invited the Highland Scots to GA.
+ The Highland Scots built the settlement of Darien on the Altamaha River.
+ During the later Charter years JO referred to the British Colonists as "Clamorous Malcontents."
November 17, 1732
Vol XCIII, No. 311
King George II Grants Charter
Oglethorpe Granted Charter!
If you want to live in GA then....
+ Rules for the Colonist
Born in 1969 to a wealthy and influential family. Well educated.
JO cared greatly about the lower class.
On a committee studying prison reform when he learned a dear friend died in a prison.
Wanted to set up a colony in the New World that was a debtor colony to help the poor of England get a new start.
King George II establishes the GA Charter of 1732 making James Oglethorpe and his group of twenty-one trustees responsible for establishing the colony of GA.
B/c King George II granted this charter GA was named after him.

1. Each man was to defend the new colony against all enemies.

2. Land given to colonist could not be sold, and no money could be borrowed on it. It could however be passed on to a male heir.

3. Each colonist was to recieve seeds and agriculture toold and was to use them in cultivating the lands of the new settlement.

+ 4. Colonists were to use a portion of their land to grow
mulberry trees
so that silkworms would eat the leaves and make cocoons for the
production of silk.

5. Each colonist was to obey all regulations established by the trustees.
James Oglethorpe Daily
+ Charter Colony -

A colony that was governed by a set of Trustees
+ During GA's initial year many colonist experienced sickness, disease and fatalities due to:
- Lack of fresh vegetable
- Changes in climate and poor sanitation
- Hard physical labor
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