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archetypes in Native American Literature

No description

Keyona Moore

on 13 August 2014

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Transcript of archetypes in Native American Literature

Represents a pair of opposites that complete each other but without one another they cause destruction, so they need each other in order to keep harmony.
meaning trying to overcome, hidden strengths.
Yin and Yang

Archetypes in Native American Literature
Fire can means many different things to many different people. Fire is symbolized as the power source of life, death and destruction or a new life. Even though today we see all the damage and grief that is caused by fire, a lot of people see that fire creates and regenerates.
The giver and destroyer of life, the sun and the moon.
Celestial bodies
Mother goddess
Represents Earth, re birthing, and growth.
Water represents a source of life
A wise deceiver, a fool, someone that acts selfishly, actions only benefit himself.
The circle symbol represents of wholeness and infinity. Like Mother Earth
Different Archetypes in the short stories
In the sky tree, the tree in the center of their sky land, represents the celestial bodies representing. It's the center of life giving and destroyer of life, the tree is where all the people get there food, without the food that the tree provides the people wouldn't be able to survive. The water representing real life, holds all the needs of life. The turtle is the one becoming the new land/world for those people with help from the other water animals. The turtle was the helper the one who watched over I guess helping them.

Coyote finishes his work: The coyote represents the trickster, the great deceiver, he does things to benefit himself not thinking of the outcomes, but he's smart and powerful. It talks about the old man/chief coming and telling the people that they will leave and them come back and take all the death with them and they will all live together. It says mother earth will go back to living with her children, to me means go back to where she started/came from in the beginning before everything. Honestly to me this really sounds like a weird myth version of the second coming of Jesus Christ to take all his people home in the end.
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