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Copy of Classroom template

Classroom Template

Alaa Shahin

on 1 June 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Classroom template

Every church is a stone on the grave of a god-man: it does not want him to rise up again under any circumstances.
- Friedrich Nietzsche
Classroom Action Research Project
- Problem Statement.
- Methodology.
- Literature review.
- Research Questions.
- Data collection tools.
- Findings.
- My Reflection.
- Recommendation.
Improving 9th- Grade Students’ Self- Regulated Learning Skills (SRL) through Using Group Investigation Model (GIM) in Learning the basics of Dynamic Electricity.
by: Alaa Shahin
Dr.Awwad Sharaf.
problem statement:
The low average marks of student in physics material one of main problem facing teachers, therefore physics has been selected to conduct this research. the most confusing topic faced by students.

Design of Research
pre/post worksheet
Q3: The Percentage of Presentation Skills

Findings: The result of rubric on forethought & planning skills
Interview with teachers
The percentage of human values before and after the intervention
Stories behind school walls
My Reflection
Human values

Students’ reflection on accept criticism

Data collection tools
- Students' Reflection.

- My observation.

- Pre/ post worksheet.

- Rubric.

- Interview with teachers, students, parents.
4) How can group investigation model (GIM) help students' acquire human values when learning the basics of dynamic electricity?

Sub- Questions
The result of self regulated learning skills (SRL) using different data collection tools.
Students' Reflection on forethought & planning skills.
My Observation
Q2: The percentage of Rubric on Monitoring skills

- Inquiry approach is very useful in teaching science.Where students are engaged in essentially open-ended, student- centered, hands-on activities based on real life problems.

- Involve students in researching their own learning practices and objectives.

- Minimized exams and using new assessment styles.

- Human Values.

Campbell and Neilson (2009) believe that inquiry-based, hands-on learning can be a great way to learn about friction. Scientific inquiry helps students understand concepts by experiencing the world around them and the way science happens in everyday life. While learning through scientific inquiry is beneficial to students, it is not always used due to the lack of experience teachers have in applying this strategy.

Students' Reflection
Rationale of the study:
Literature review
The percentage generate options
Foster a more positive attitude to the subject and to make learning physics a less discouraging experience for my students.

- Solving problem by them selves.
- Improving self - rergulated learning skills (SRL).

Self-regulated learning is a process that assists students in managing their
thoughts, behaviors, and emotions in order to successfully navigate their learning
experiences. This process occurs when a student’s purposeful actions and processes are directed towards the acquisition of information or skills. (Pintrich & Zusho, 2002; Zimmerman, 2000)
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