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Concept Validation through Simulation

No description

Marcel Apeldoorn, van

on 21 February 2011

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Transcript of Concept Validation through Simulation

Concept Builds on Requires New
Developments Concept Validation through Simulation Validation
Platform Validation
Trials Results 7 steps... 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ERAT Making a step to reducing
the Environmental Impact
of Air Transport Co-funded by
the European
Commision ERAT is inline with SESAR
Masterplan and Operational
Focus Areas Context Quick Wins Flight Efficient Vertical Profiles
Use in Medium Density Flows
...with current day equipage Improved Vertical Profiles Fixed routes; PRNAV and PBN in TMA ..and unconstrained climbs Use of existing FMS for ..optimum descent planning .. and 4D navigation Extended AMAN planning: ...to completely plan and fly the CDA ..and handles non-capable flight short flights within extended AMAN horizon Accurate planning realisation through
Time Based Operations Controlled Time of Arrival (CTA) CTA waypoints at 30nm Adherence to planning Flown with 30 sec accuracy Arrival Manager with capabilities for E-TMA Advanced Trajectory Prediction Time Based Operations Handling of non CTA capable flights Short flights inside planning horizon Conflict free solutions The concept is validated by two series of real-time simulations with participation of active controllers and pilots NARSIM +Airsim +TrafficSim XX hours of
validation runs 8 controllers
12 pseudopilots Scenes van ERAT film en/of screenvideos Evaluated in realistic Stockholm Arlanda
Airport environment High rate of CDA arrivals can be operated
at medium-density traffic levels 3% Fuel benefit RTS2 report hyperlink Feasibility of extending horizon of Arrival Management and introducing Controlled Time of
Arrival for sequencing aircraft More efficient operations with CDA's under realistic operational conditions, with arriving, departing and overflying traffic Better planned short flights The ERAT results are an important step towards SESAR Time Based Operations and will be further developed within SESAR The ERAT-NARSIM platform will be used as validation platform for further research within SESAR ERAT quick wins in line with SESAR quick wins A new Integrated
Controller Working Position Planned Arrival Frozen Planning
CTA suggested Time Based Arrival
CTA assigned l Pre-departure planning Free arrival planning Frozen arrival planning
without assigned CTA Air-ground negotiation Frozen arrival planning
with agreed CTA Final planning under
Approach Control project
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