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My Polish Teacher's Tie

No description

Theo Harper

on 21 March 2012

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Transcript of My Polish Teacher's Tie

My Polish Teacher's Tie Characterization Carla Carta is the main character.
Earns £3.89 and hour
Wears a uniform
"Shovels" chips onto kids' trays
Doesn't really like the teachers
Stefan 'Steve' Jeziorny is Carla's Polish pen friend.
Likes poetry
Wears abnormal clothing and a strange tie
"Terribly hopeful" Symbols Carla Carter
Wears a 'uniform' - degrading, at the level of the children
Teachers don't see catering staff as important as they get out of the way "without really seeing them"
Stefan 'Steve' Jeziorny
His tie - Too wide, with red and green squggles and terribly hopeful
He calls Carla "My pen friend" - personal
Valerie Kenwood and Headmaster
Valerie is rude to Carla - shows her disrespect
Is dramatic/over the top
Headmaster also shows his dilike for Carla - keeps forgetting her name
The Tie Red with green swiggles
Much to wide and much too bright
It symbolizes a better country where they don't worry about how you look or what you do Awesome MS paint skills... Setting/Timelevel/Structures It is set in a school so readers are given the image of a busy school with lots going on

The story is set over a couple of weeks, probably, and it gives the impression of time moving quickly as the poem is at a fast pace

It uses allitteration to help the story move quickly and to emphasize the point e.g 'big bright tie blazing' Narrative Techinque This short story uses the present tense because it is telling a story. It is told by the main character, Carla, as this helps the reader to put yourself in her shoes. white space... Use of Description and Presentation of Ideas The description of Steve's clothing and person is vivid because the reader needs to know very minute details about him to get a good image of him. Strangely there isnt a huge description of Carla. I think this is because it is not needed, the reader can make up their own image of her.

The presentation is quite informal. This is because the story isn't very serious and suits the informal writing style. Beginnings and Endings It starts with Carla putting herself down and making herself look unimportant.
Whereas at the end she is talking to Steve and she dosen't care about her job and what people think about her. The Most Important Passage "But I wasn't going to waste time on the Head. I wanted to talk about poetry. I smiled at Steve. His red tie with its bold green squiggles was much too wide and much to bright. It was a flag from another country, a better country than the ones either of us lived in. 'I like your tie,' I said."
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