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Group Presentations

No description

Jaimie Hoffman

on 15 September 2014

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Transcript of Group Presentations

Presentation Guidelines
Group Presentations
Team presentations...
Group Jigsaw Activity: Present your sections and demonstrate with example(s) when possible.
1. Purpose, content, credibility
2. Audience
3. Logistics
4. Organization
5. Delivery
Presentation aids are only aids.
They are NOT your presentation.

Remember... you're "on stage" all of the time!
Should be well coordinated (all members should know all details)
Should not be a collection of speeches
Introduce the group
"An effective team presentation is highly structured as well as flexible. Team members should be well-prepared with their own presentations and prepared to adapt to listeners’ questions, a group member’s misstep, or logistical problems."
Group Communication
COMM 220
Dr. Hoffman
Group Presentations
Exercise Restraint
1 point per slide
6 X 6
Think "billboard"

Use readable typefaces
No more than 2
fonts per slide
pt. font or bigger
Don't talk to your aid
Be prepared to do without
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