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Pretty Little Liars Flawless

No description

Elinore Vranjes

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of Pretty Little Liars Flawless

Pretty Little Liars Flawless
Book Project

Five girls who live in a town called Rosewood
Dramatic disappearance of one of the girls, Alison
A year after Alison's vanishing, they get messages from "A".
Not Alison though, mystery person blackmailing and knowing secrets no one knows
Even stalking Alison, they all risk their lives trying to find out who "A" is
Never mess with a pretty girl who has an ugly secret.

“Did you really believe I was Toby? Puh-lease. I would have killed myself too. I mean, honestly - ew. He totally had it coming. Karma's a b***h, and so am I - just ask Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer....”
-Sara Shepard (pg.335)
Author: Sara Shepard
By: Ellie Vranjes
Ali, Ali, Oxen-free.
Whoever finds her, gets to keep her.
Kisses, -A
Spencer Hastings
Aria Montgomery
Hanna Marin
Emily Fields
Alison Dilaurentis
Main Conflict
Literary Devices
The setting is in a current day suburb in Rosewood, Pennsylvania during the present time of 2006.
The girls' deep and darkest secrets have fallen into the wrong hands and that person is watching their every move threatening to tell their secrets along the way.
"The only sound was the hurtling rain and the windshield wipers' rhythmic
." (Shepard pg.80) Sensory Imagery, describes the sight and sound of the rain and windshield wipers.
Witness it
Negative affects on people
Peer pressure
The End!!!!
"The two of them together was about as likely as...as, well, Ali still being alive." (Shepard pg.110) Simile, comparison using like and as in it.
"Spencer was the uber-anal girl who sat at the front of the class and raised her hand at every question." (Shepard pg. 3)
"Aria was the slightly freaky girl who made up dance routines instead of playing soccer like everyone else." (Shepard pg. 3)
"And Hanna might've been klutzy and bumbling, but she studied
Teen Vogue
, and every once and a while she'd blurt out some thing totally random about fashion that no one else knew." (Shepard pg. 3)
"Emily was the shy, state-ranked swimmer who had a lot going on under the surface~if you just got to know her." (Shepard pg. 3)
"Ali had a talent for finding a girl's weakness, and even if she was right about [her], the girls all sometimes wondered if Ali was ever ripping on
when they weren't around. Sometimes it was hard to know for sure." (Shepard pg. 5)
Described as having long blue-blackish hair, icy blue eyes, quite tall, pouty lips, and a willowy, ballet dancer frame.
Has strawberry blonde hair, tinted green from chlorine, hazel/green eyes, broad shoulders, skinny, but has muscular legs and thighs.
Shown as long, dirty brown hair with blonde highlights, small nose, pointed chin, bow-shaped lips, emerald green eyes, and petite figure.
Described as being extremely beautiful, long auburn hair, flawless skin, but had trouble with her weight when younger. Had a phase with bulimia because of family and friends teasing her.
She was described as the "popular" one throughout the school, ruling everyone. Had long, wavy, honey-blonde hair, deep blue eyes, heart-shaped face, bow-shaped lips, and a thin figure.
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