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Industrial Revolution-Combustion Engine

The Internal Combustion Engine from the Industrial Revolution Selling Ad

Kenny Sible

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Industrial Revolution-Combustion Engine

A Carriage, No HORSE!, Impossible... So We Thought "Impossible only means you haven't found a solution yet" Paris Every great idea started somewhere
it just so happens ours starts in Paris, France of 1804 One idea
One design
One prototype
History begins... François Isaac de Rivaz designed
the first model of a combustion
engine in 1804 (Equipage des pompes) Finally a breakthrough in 1806 And a completed dream in 1807 As always the story is never over because it has only begun... The Pyréolophore was created
by the Niépce brothers in 1807 In July 20 of 1807 the brothers ran a prototype internal combustion engine and a patent was granted by Napoleon Bonaparte after it had successfully powered a boat upstream on the river Saône. François's engine was used in the first automobile, but what about travel by water? Well we go back to where we started, France. One idea, one design, one future revealed Fifteenth Century 1806-1807 1806 The Horse
and Carriage The Idea The First Car How Does it Work? Which Would You Want? "Experience the unexperienced" with the Internal Combustion Engine Go anywhere, Be anywhere, see everywhere Internal Combustion Engine for Ford Quadricycle: $200.00 You Choose?
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