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Lluís Amengual Llabres

on 3 October 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

4,500 inhabitants

2006: door-to-door collection system

First year: refuses reduction by 30%

Red bag for refuses: 'Polluter pays' principle

Sant Llorenc des Cardassarç
Territory bordering the sea

7,700 inhabitants, during tourist season over 17,000 inhabitants

Computer system to control waste production

Application 'Polluter pays' principle

The more we recycle, the more problems we have

Oversized and gigantic facility

Dilemma: increase waste management tax ($ 180 CDN per ton) vs import import foreign waste from UK and Barcelona

Our local authority plans to close two lines in 2016

How do we treat our waste?
1997. First incinerator with a capacity of 300,000 tons a year

2003. Facilities to treat four fractions: paper-cardboard, glass, lightweight packaging, organic waste

2010. Former incinerator extended. Incinerator with a whole capacity of 700,000 tons a year, up to 2041

Landfill closed: all waste is either recycled or burnt

Global investment: 600 M€ ($850,000,000 CDN)
1,700 inhabitants

Waste collected selectively since 1999

Volunteers: key of success

First municipality in Mallorca to introduce door-to-door collection system

First year reduction refuses: 70%

Now: refuses only 10%
Step by step: the biggest incinerator in southern Europe
Sant Llorenç des Cardassar
Total waste production (in tons) in Mallorca
Best practices
Thank you!


@LluisAmengual +34 687 352 445


25 years of waste management in Mallorca, Balearic Islands (Spain). Time to brush up on history
Separate collection of organic waste (in tons) in Mallorca
Separate collection of paper/cardboard (in tons) in Mallorca
Separate collection of lightweight packaging (in tons) in Mallorca
Separate collection of glass (in tons) in Mallorca
Circular economy: increasing recycling fractions
Mallorcans will still be paying for this incinerator until 2041

Global Investment: $850,000,000 CDN

Need to articulate tools to increase recycling fractions

Incineration: the more we recycle, the more we pay

In 2016, two lines will close
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