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How to make a Prezi

My wonderful friend Eden and I's explanation to our class on how to make a Prezi

Kate Paulsen

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of How to make a Prezi

What is a Prezi?
A Prezi is another form of presentation
It is fun and creative the possibilities are endless!
You can work on your Prezi anywhere on any computer because it is an online program
People use Prezi all around the world!
THIS is a prezi!
How to make a Prezi
By: Kate and Eden
Logging into Prezi
1. Go to prezi.com
2. Log in to classroom account by hitting the drop down arrow, clicking on login, and entering the email (mossclass5@gmail.com) and password (allstars5)
3.Click on "New Prezi" to begin
Starting your Prezi
1. Choose your template.
2. If you do not like the template selections you can hit "start blank Prezi" to customize your own.
3. To change your color click "themes"
Frames & Text
There are three different types of frames to choose from
Click "frames and arrows" to insert your frames
Tap where you want your text
Click "frames and arrows" to draw arrows and lines and to use the highlighting tool
Invisible Frame!!!!!!!
Symbols & shapes
Youtube videos
Backround music
Power Points
Things from your file
There are different diagrams you can choose from
I wonder how you insert a picture....
Zooming In and Sizes
to zoom in-

to make picture larger or smaller-

to rotate your picture-

to zoom out-

Editting your path
1. First click on "Edit Path"
2. Click " Add current view" to save that slide to your path
3.To change the sequence, click and drag to the spot
4. To delete a slide click on "Edit Path" and hover over the unwanted slide, a
red X
will appear, click on it

scroll mouse forward

take pin points in corners and drag outward to make bigger and in to make smaller

take circle pin point on one corner and drag right or left

scroll mouse backward
You can add Power Points to your Prezi!

Fun Fact!

By : Kate and Eden

What you can add to your Prezi

Prezi vs. Powerpoint
the Prezi can zoom to different views
you can access from any computer so it is very convenient
on Powerpoint you can not add youtube videos that are a click away
Prezi will line up your words
The Prezi will automaticly save the things you add unlike Powerpoint
In our opinion Prezi is more fun, creative, and simply, better

When you forget....
If you need help you can ask Eden or Kate or go to the explore tab at the top of your screen. Next, type "Kate Paulsen". Select this
Find "How to Make a Prezi".
Click on it and click the arrows to view
this Prezi.

Thanks for watching
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