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Christmas in United Kingdom

No description

Paula Padrón

on 12 January 2015

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Transcript of Christmas in United Kingdom

Christmas in United Kingdom?
New year!
and a
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What is the United Kingdom?
5 customs
Merry Christmas
By: Paula Padron Anceahume 1 A
Many of the customs that we have and that associate with the Christmas, come in fact from UK. There are holidays where the family, the meal and the gifts have a very important role, although with some very typical elements.
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK), it´s a country in Europe, it´s formed by England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The official UK language is English. They celebrity the Christmas of a different form.
Northern Ireland
New Year
Boxing Day
Boxing Day is the following day after the Christmas Day, 26 December.
The English gift giver is called Father Christmas, the gifts are opened the day of the Christmas (25 December). Father Christmas delivers the gifts during the night before Christmas. The children leave an empty stocking or pillowcase hanging at the end of the bed. In the morning they hope it will be full of presents. Also they decorate a Christmas tree, under him Father Christmas will leave gifts too. This tradition is celebrated in many parts of the world and in UK the first tree it brought it Prince Alberto in 1841 from Germany, it´s native country.
Christmas in England began in A.D. 596, when St Augustine landed on her shores with monks who wanted to bring Christianity to the Anglo Saxons.
Earlier the persons of UK the day before Christmas (24 December) only ate the Frumenty, which is a made with corn and oat. In Christmas (25 December) the typical meal is the turkey roasted with vegetables and sauces and of dessert pudding of Christmas and cakes of minced meat.
Before Christmas
Many persons celebrate the new year opposite to Big Ben, there are many
After 12 strokes that mark the end of year, who comes earlier to the place of the celebration, it will have good luck during the rest of the year.
In the United Kingdom (UK) the Christmas is a familiar holiday. The streets and the houses are decorated of a spectacular form, there are giant Christmas trees, spectacles, ice rinks, complex artificial fires and many offers of flight to celebrate the Christmas in England.
Artificial fires in the Big Ben
The fair Winter Wonderland
University of Sheffield (United Kingdom)
“Mummering“ is an English tradition of the Middle Age. During the celebration of twelve Christmas Days, groups of persons were taking masks and were representing a piece of theatre, the guests had to foresee who there was behind every mask.
The “Christmas cracker” Briton, who is used the Christmas Day, invented it Tom Smith in 1847. It is a small gift wrapped in paper coiled in the tops. On having stretched of the "cracker", there is a small explosion and inside there is a paper cap and other small gifts.
Every Christmas from 1932, the British monarchy make a Christmas message to the countries of the Commonwealth of Nations.
Every years from 1947, the city of Oslo, in Norway, send a Christmas tree to Trafalgar Square, in London, as gratitude for United Kingdom to help it in the second world war.
The Christmas Broadcast, 1957
Christmas tree of Trafalgar Square
The name ‘boxing day’ hasn´t anything in common with the sport of the boxing, it start when the rich families with servants, the Christmas Day were giving them boxes with gifts, that's the name. It is a national holiday that is celebrated in the England and Ireland, although also in other countries as Canada or Australia. Earlier it was a day of rest in family, now it´s a day of buys, with discounts up to 90%. For the religious ones, it´s the day of San Esteban.
artificial fires, wonderful spectacles of lights and the traditional parade that he dismisses to the old year.
Christmas markets
Christmas Day
In the Christmas Day eats stuffed roast turkey, with pigs in blankets (food similar to the sausages), gravy (sauce prepared with the juices of the turkey when it is baked), bilberries sauce, roast potatos (potatoes roasted with butter), brussels sprouts and other vegetables.
Of dessert like Christmas pudding, a pudding done with plums and with sauce brandy or custard cream. Also there are mince feet.
During the whole Christmas there are big street markets, of free entry. You will be able to buy different types of gifts, wooden toys and traditional Christmas articles. You will be able to take the traditional warm wine, roast chestnuts and fritters with chocolate. Also there are bars and restaurants.
Christmas cards
The popular Christmas cards are not already done in Spain, but in the United Kingdom they keep the tradition. Every Christmas the Britons send and receive more than 200 million Christmas cards and New Year.
Long ago the mistletoe for the habitants of the United Kingdom was a sacred plant, which brings much good luck.
The Celts believed that the mistletoe has magic powers, it was
The Christmas tradition says that if a woman who receives a kiss under the mistletoe in Christmas night will find the love for that he looks or will preserve the one that it already has. If it´s a couple, it will be given the gift of the fertility.
neither of the sky nor of the ground (its roots do not touch
the floor) but neither it´s supported for itself in the air.
why it is hung on the roof.
12 grapes
In the United Kingdom at the end of the year, there don´t eat twelve grapes, which we eat for example in Spain.
Christmas carols
In UK like in Spain the people sing Christmas carols, but in Spain this tradition is left of doing.
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